Top 10 TACO Products You Need for Spring

It’s officially spring, which means it’s the perfect time for boat remodeling, renovation and equipment upgrades. Check out our top 10, must-have TACO products you need to get your boat ready for summer.



Our Grand Slam Outrigger Mounts are perfect for anglers with any size boat up to and surpassing 50 feet. Manufactured with high-quality, durable stainless steel and machined aluminum, our Outrigger Mounts are guaranteed for years of trouble-free use and backed by our industry-leading 3-year warranty. For larger fishing boats, we offer our Grand Slam Professional Series Mounts, which are perfect for high-performance sport fishing at high speeds.

Safely adjust the Pro Series outrigger angle from underneath the hardtop without climbing on gunnels or leaving the deck.



Aluminum Tele-Outrigger Poles

Compliment your TACO Marine Outrigger Mounts with our Aluminum or Carbon Fiber Outrigger Poles. Our patented Aluminum Tele-Outrigger Poles are strong and sturdy, even in the roughest seas with multiple trolling lines. They pair with the Grand Slam 400, 380, 280, 170 or a striker base. The Aluminum Poles are available in 15- and 18-feet long.

Carbon Fiber Tele-Outrigger Poles

Our Carbon Fiber Tele-Outrigger Poles feature our patent-pending swivel rollers, which allow for a more natural bait presentation and provide less halyard line chafing, and our patent-pending Twist & Lock mechanism for easy pole installation. These pair with our Grand Slam Pro Series 450 and 500 Mounts and are available in 16- and 20-feet long.

Check out this video with Captain Ryan Peters from Miss Britt Charters and our TACO Marine Outrigger Top Mounts and Carbon Fiber Poles.



Complete your TACO Outrigger system with one of our halyard line Rigging Kits. Choose from seven different kits for your outrigger needs, including a center rigger kit, the double mono rigging kit and the premium triple-braid rigging kit. These kits are designed to fill all your rigging needs to get you on the water quickly.

Captain Mark Henderson from the Liquid Fire Fishing Team shows how to quickly rig lines, attach swivels and pulleys, set the tension on the poles, attach the cord to the gunnel as well as how and where to attach your fishing line.



We also have the TACO Marine Outrigger Line Tensioner, which is designed for larger boats fishing with double or triple halyard lines on each outrigger. The Outrigger Line Tensioner helps keep proper tension on outrigger halyards while fully extended and tight.

With its easily adjustable halyard tension, it makes changing locations quick and easy – no more storing your halyard lines in order to make a move. Manufactured from stainless steel Type-316, the Outrigger Line Tensioner is adjustable for boats with 1- to 2-1/2-inch thick gunnels. It comes with an Easy Ronstan medium cam cleat for 1/8- to 1/2-inch thick rope and is backed by our 1-year warranty.



Give your boat the ultimate face lift with brand new TACO Marine Rub Rail! Replacing outdated, faded or damaged Rub Rail is one of the quickest and low-cost solutions for improving your boat’s appearance. We offer seven premium Vinyl Rub Rail Kits, which are available in various sizes to match almost any boat on the market. Choose from Flexible Rub Rail, Semi-Rigid Rub Rail or Semi-Rigid with a Chrome Insert.

Installing your own Rub Rail is easy! We have a great video showing our various Rub Rail profiles and how you can install Rub Rail on your own boat.



The Come On Board Rod Holder Mount accessory features a large grabbing surface with finger-molded pipe for a secure, comfortable grip.

Improve safety and accessibility with our Come On Board Handles. Easily step down onto gunnels while gripping the Come On Board Handle – helping to prevent dangerous slips and falls during boarding.

The Shore Power Cable Holder features a large ring that accommodates 30-, 50- and 100-amp power cables and is equipped with an adjustable height ring.

If you’re connected to shore power, do it safely with the adjustable TACO Marine Shore Power Cable Holder, which elevates power cables out of the water between your boat and the dock.

The Come On Board Handles, available with a rod holder base or a fixed base, are the ideal accessory for safe boarding.



The Portable Locking Transom Cross Tie Cleat secures dock lines up and away from outboard motors and fits standard rod holders.

Prevent your dock lines from getting tangled in outboard props with our Transom Cross Tie – a 30-inch tall portable cleat that elevates lines up and away from motors when tying off at the stern. Our patent-pending latch mechanism at the base allows for easy insertion and hold into standard rod holders. Check out the video below for more on the Transom Cross Tie Portable Cleat.

Captain Mark Henderson of the Liquid Fire Fishing Team shows how to elevate stern lines using the TACO Marine Transom Cross Tie Portable Cleat.



Introducing the Quick Release Fender Lock – perfect for dockside safety and made with type-316 stainless steel. The Fender Lock comes with a 3-year warranty.

For dockside safety and convenience, our new TACO Marine Quick Release Fender Lock ensures secure, quickly stored fender lines. At the dock, you simply insert the pin into the fitting and your boat is protected with the fenders in an ideal position. When using chum bags, it’s a great way to never have to search for a place to hang it again!

Installing the TACO Marine Quick Release Fender Lock is easy! Captain Mark Henderson of the Liquid Fire Fishing Team walks us through the process.



Filet your fresh-caught fish on our easy-to-clean TACO Marine Adjustable Poly Filet Table, which is made from FDA-approved, high-density polyethylene that will not discolor, crack, mildew or absorb fish odors. Available in 20- and 30-inch widths, our filet tables are perfect for cutting bait, fileting fish or serving food and beverages. These tables also feature a storage slot to safely stow filet knives and fishing pliers. The universal, adjustable mount is corrosion resistant and made to fit all standard size rod holders. The quick release ergonomic knob allows for quick angle adjustment and flat storage when not being used. All fasteners are stainless marine grade quality.

Captain Mark Henderson of the Liquid Fire Fishing Team speaks about his experience with TACO Marine Adjustable Poly Filet Tables.



Lastly, equip your boat with one of our Poly Drink Holders, which are perfectly sized for tumblers up to 32 ounces, cans and water bottles. These made-in-the-USA drink holders are available as a single or double tumbler, with or without a cell phone or catch-all slot. Our Poly Tumbler Holders easily attach to boat surfaces with suction cups and are manufactured using UV-stabilized, high-density Polymer. This is a must-have, go-to accessory for any size boat!


For more information on all these great products and more, visit or fill out the contact form below.

TACO Team Adds New Faces in Marketing and Customer Service

The TACO family is growing! We’re excited to introduce new additions to our Marketing and Customer Service Departments, beginning with our new Marketing Manager Lia Castillo – a Miami native with big plans for taking TACO to the next level.

Since childhood, Castillo thought she would become a doctor – a notion instilled in her by her parents from a young age. Despite hitting the science books and earning a Bachelor’s degree in Biology, Castillo was drawn to design and marketing – ultimately changing course and earning her MBA in Marketing from NOVA and opening her own firm.

From there, Castillo’s path led her to TACO – joining the manufacturing company midway through a major rebranding.

“For the first two months, it was ‘oh my, there’s a lot to do,” said Castillo, who joined the TACO team in late December.

Where others might be daunted by the tasks involved in rebranding, such as revamping the TACO Marine Web site, redesigning the 2018 catalog and other collateral changes, Castillo said she was excited.

“What really appealed to me was the fact that I can take [TACO’s marketing] to the next level,” said Castillo, “pick it up in the air, use a bat and swing a homerun.”

Beyond the various rebranding projects, Castillo said she knew the TACO owners were on board with progression – embracing the company’s long-standing belief in continual innovation.

Since tackling TACO’s rebranding head on, Castillo has spearheaded new marketing campaigns, met with other department heads to implement new strategies and even brought on additional design talent to the team.

For her long-term goals, Castillo said she plans to incorporate new marketing technologies and processes – aiming to become the central nervous system of the company moving forward while also propelling TACO to be the number one go-to marine brand for manufacturers, boat builders, retailers and consumers.

“I want us to be top of mind, first in line,” said Castillo. “I want TACO to be the first company people think of with regard to our values and the fact that we’re innovative, we’re service oriented and we have great quality. I want the consumers to have that transparency within the organization to see how we produce things and what innovative, new machinery we have to meet their needs. I want them to think of us as being the Apple of the marine industry. We come out with these great products and we focus on the benefit for you.”

We’re expanding our TACO customer service team with the addition of Ernie Santiago, our new Customer Service Manager – bringing more than 20 years’ experience from a multitude of industries to the position.

Prior to joining TACO, Santiago worked customer service in the heavy equipment, aviation and marine electronics industries, respectively. Because of his varied experiences, Santiago said transitioning to TACO was easy.

“I understand the customers,” said Santiago, a South Florida transplant who moved from the Boston area when he was 15. “I recognized immediately the client base.”

Santiago said one of the biggest strengths in the TACO customer service team is longevity – with more than half having been at the manufacturing company for 20 years or more. Additionally, he said every member of the customer service team – no matter how long their employment with TACO – brings a wealth of experience to the role, including a seasoned boat captain and an expert in data entry.

“I don’t think there’s anything these people won’t know,” he said.

After joining TACO in February, Santiago said he’s made elevating the level of customer service a renewed priority for the team – aiming to make the department the heart of the company.

“To me, that’s the only way to remain competitive from a customer service standpoint,” he said. “All of our customers matter. Whether you’re the small ma and pa shop down the road or a big retailer, everybody’s important to us. We want to be able to take care of all our customers with a lot of care, a lot of empathy and obviously do everything quickly and efficiently.”

For the long term, Santiago said he plans to incorporate new policies and procedures into the department to fine tune customer service with the highest-quality support. Additionally, as the company continues to grow in the marine industry, he plans to streamline the customer service onboarding processes for new team members.

“If someone comes in fresh on our team, you hand them a book, basically, and they can assimilate into our TACO life a little bit quicker and faster,” he said.

TACO also brought onboard Zoe Munyon as the new Marketing Assistant – helping with everything from print materials to the 2018 catalog and everything in between.

Prior to joining TACO, the North Miami native grew up boating and fishing with her dad, a former charter boat captain and avid angler. In fact, Munyon credits her childhood experiences on the water for fostering her desire to work in the marine industry long term.

“Growing up, we had a few fishing boats over the years,” said Munyon, who began her marketing career in the marine industry. “Previously, when I worked in the boating industry, I felt connected to what I was doing on a daily basis.”

Briefly, Munyon said she left the marine industry to dabble in sales, but said her heart was back in boating.

“I’m very happy to be working at TACO now because I’m back doing marketing, something I truly enjoy,” she said.

With a Master’s degree in Marketing from NOVA and a Bachelor’s degree in Business from FIU, Munyon said she is excited for her new role within TACO and the many new design possibilities, such as revamping the packaging, launching a new Web site and creating new catalogs, pamphlets and flyers.

Additionally, Munyon said she is looking forward to diving deeper into the marine industry and TACO – getting to know the many products TACO manufactures while also working closely with the many departments within the company, such as engineering, customer service and production.

In addition to hiring new team members, we’ve also welcomed back Account Management Specialist Rey Gonzalez, who took an 18-month hiatus to travel.

After being out of the TACO headquarters for several months, Gonzalez said he was taken by surprise when he walked through the doors on his first day back.

“I got that ‘wow’ feeling,” said Gonzalez, who hadn’t seen TACO since its offices were renovated. “It’s modern and up to date.”

The renovations include doing away with closed-off cubicles and creating a more open, collaborative working environment with a modern look and feel.

“I was expecting to come back to my old cubicle and doing things the way it was done before,” said the Ohio native and former Marine.

After traveling and taking time to explore his goals, Gonzalez said he views customer service in a different light – developing a new appreciation for the role.

“I can take my experiences and bring them back [to TACO],” he said. “I’ve grown so much more, as far as how to talk to customers and take care of them.”

Despite nearly 20 years as a TACO Account Management Specialist, Gonzalez said he has new goals for the position and the TACO team – focusing on elevating his service from great to superior and providing individualized attention to each account, no matter the size or request.

“Once you put that caring feeling behind that conversation, people are more receptive [and] they want to listen to you,” said Gonzalez. “You have to take time out for that person, no matter what. Whether it be a huge order or a small order, it’s an order. It’s someone putting faith in the company, buying our product. We work so hard to get [that product] out the door, so why not get it into the person’s hands and make their whole experience pleasant.”

Gonzalez will not only pick up where he left off – managing several TACO accounts – but anticipates he will specialize in specific areas of the company to provide top-notch service to his customers.

For more information about TACO Marine, visit or fill out the contact form below.

Last Chance to Save Big on 4 Exclusive Rebates from TACO Marine

At TACO Marine®, we’re offering HUGE savings on four rebates in seating, dockside accessories and lighting. But hurry before times runs out!

Get $200 back when you purchase a Capri or Coastal Helm Chair between Feb. 15 and March 19, 2018.  These made-in-the-USA chairs are available in a variety of options, including with or without armrests, with or without an adjustable bolster, and come in an array of colors and customizations. All TACO Marine Helm Chairs come with our 3-year warranty guarantee.


Purchase a Neptune Leaning Post and Backrest between Feb. 15 and March 19, 2018 and receive a $100 rebate. Also made in the USA, our Leaning Posts are constructed using durable, corrosion-resistant materials and carry our TACO Marine 3-year warranty guarantee.


Buy two TACO Marine LED Lights between Feb. 1 and March 31 and receive a $25 rebate. All of our LED Lights are impact resistant, totally-sealed waterproof and manufactured to withstand the rigors of marine and other outdoor environments. Our LED Lights provide 75,000 hours of operation with a low draw of less than one amp.


Purchase a Shore Power Cable Holder or Come On Board Handle between Feb. 1 and March 31 and receive a $25 rebate. These premium accessories are constructed using type-304 stainless steel and come with our TACO Marine 1-year warranty guarantee.


Subscribe to the TACO Marine YouTube Channel!

Visit the new TACO Marine YouTube channel for the latest product announcements, installation videos and everything marine in between.

Find the FREE TACO Marine online catalog here.

For more information on these rebates and all our great TACO Marine products, visit or fill out the contact information form below.

TACO Hires New Strategic Product Manager Mark Henderson

We are excited to announce that Captain Mark Henderson of the Liquid Fire Fishing Team is joining the ranks of TACO Metals as our new Strategic Product Manager.

Henderson at the 2018 Progressive® Miami International Boat Show at Miami Marine Stadium docks. TACO Marine Photo / Dana Koman

As a lifelong fishing enthusiast, who turned his hobby into a renowned sport fishing team, it only made sense that Henderson would someday work in the marine industry. The only question was when?

Henderson didn’t begin competitively sport fishing until 2004, when his friend invited him to join his team for the Raleigh Saltwater King Mackerel Tournament.

“We didn’t know anything about tournament fishing, but we wanted to fish,” said Henderson, a Durham, N.C. native equally known for his humor and thick Southern accent as well as his fishing accomplishments.

But by the end of 2004, Henderson and his friend qualified for the Southern Kingfish Association National Championship. Soon after, Henderson bought his first boat – a 25-foot Contender with a bright red hull, which he named “Liquid Fire” after his father’s homemade hot sauce.

From there, Henderson launched the Liquid Fire Fishing Team and began his dive into the marine industry – winning multiple tournaments and accelerating his team into the sport fishing record books.

Henderson, holding a freshly-caught King Mackerel, was awarded the 2008 Yamaha Professional Kingfish Tour’s Angler of the Year. Photo Courtesy of Liquid Fire Fishing Team

“I was able to spend more and more time in the industry, around boating and around center consoles,” said Henderson, who previously worked in the automotive industry for nearly 25 years. “[The marine industry] became a growing passion for me, [but] for a while I just kind of fought it. I [already] had a great job and great freedoms and things like that. I didn’t pursue it real hard, but I was also watching and looking at Trade Only Today and talking to a lot of people about the industry.”

In 2009, after Henderson caught a sport fishing sponsorship from TACO Metals, he said his passion for the marine industry grew to a point that he could no longer fight his desire to shift career gears.

“I saw such a vast opportunity within the company and the sections of the business that they’ve got,” said Henderson, a married father of three. “There’s really nobody around like TACO. I felt like my skillset could benefit them and benefit me as far as a career standpoint.”

Having only started at TACO March 5, Henderson has already hit the water at full throttle – working the TACO Marine booth at the Independent Boat Builders, Inc. Vender Expo in St. Louis, Mo. and angling together preliminary production on a new as-yet named TACO YouTube program, which is slated to debut this Spring.

The Liquid Fire Fishing Team is comprised of Henderson and his sons, Crockett and Joshua, wife Audrey, parents Sue and Charles and brother-in-law Chris Waters. Today, they compete aboard a SeaVee 390z Center Console with Mercury 350 quad outboard engines, which is equipped with TACO Marine Grand Slam Pro Series 500 Outrigger Top Mounts and Carbon Fiber Poles. Photo Courtesy of Liquid Fire Fishing Team

As the Strategic Product Manager, Henderson will oversee new TACO product launches in 2018, which may include everything from testing and development with TACO engineers to getting the product to market on time with the correct price point.

“Those are some very, very specific high-profile projects that I think we want to be sure to focus on,” he said.

Henderson said joining TACO Metals is a dream come true.

“I haven’t been as excited about a change in something as I am right now in many, many years,” he said. “I’m thankful to have another segment that excites me. I think I can be beneficial to the people in the company that mean so much to TACO and TACO means so much to them.”

I’M LOGAN IT Foundation Hosts Successful Flag Football Fundraiser for Charity

After completing the TACO Marine Project Boat fundraiser for the I’M LOGAN IT Foundation in November 2017, we’re excited to recap the most recent fundraising event that took place Dec. 30, 2017 in Clearwater, Florida.

More than 33 teams and dozens of friends and family came together to participate in the 6th annual I’M LOGAN IT Foundation Flag Football Fundraiser – raising more than $20,000 for charity in memory of Logan Kushner.

Through the Foundation since 2012, more than $300,000 has been donated to charity – supporting the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and college scholarships for deserving students.

Congratulations to the winning teams in three divisions.

“MVP” in the Top Gun division.
“Sniper Gang” in the Competitive division.
“Gabagool” in the Weekend Warrior division.

Thank you to the many volunteers who supported the Foundation in a variety of tasks, including the field set up, team sign-in, scoring, managing the raffle and silent auction, preparing and serving the lunchtime barbecue, concessions and clean up. Without the volunteers, this event would not be possible.

Special thanks to Tim Sattinger and the referees for another fantastic job on the field, Ed Grube and Events Done Right – the best DJ and entertainment in Tampa Bay, and Fanny Scargle for wonderful photography – beautifully capturing the events of such a special day.

Also, we’d like to thank our many sponsors, including Sonny’s BBQ, the American Running Company, Bouchard Insurance, Capogna’s Dugout, Don’s Marine Salvage, Huntington Learning Center and Safety Harbor Montessori for all your tremendous support.

We hope to see everyone back at the end of 2018 for the 7th annual I’M LOGAN IT Flag Football Fundraiser on Saturday, December    29.

5 Must-See TACO Marine Products at the Atlantic City Boat Show

TACO Marine® will feature new sport fishing products and innovative marine accessories in booth 547 at the Progressive® Atlantic City Boat Show, February 28 – March 4 at the Atlantic City Convention Center.

TACO Marine products will also be available for sale at the show in the booths of participating dealers SeaGear Marine Supply (booth 446) and Connley Fishing (booth 535).

New Grand Slam 400 Outrigger Mount

TACO Marine® now offers the higher-performance Grand Slam Pro Series 400 Outrigger Top Mount – specifically designed for boat lengths surpassing 50 feet and quad engines exceeding 1600 horsepower. The center console market continues to grow and so does the size of its vessels and the engines that power them. The new GS-400 upgrade in strength easily handles the increasing outrigger pole lengths in both Aluminum and Carbon Fiber for up to 30 feet. Come by the TACO Marine booth and experience the difference with this new high-performance outrigger top mount.

Carbon Fiber Outrigger Poles
NMMA Product Innovation Award Winner


Winner of an NMMA Product Innovation Award in the fishing tackle, gear and accessories category, TACO Marine® Carbon Fiber Outrigger Poles are stronger and lighter than any aluminum poles on the market. The carbon fiber design has the strength built into it to allow for today’s modern fishing techniques of pulling small dredges of ballyhoo, mullet or squids through the water at higher speeds, which would be difficult to achieve with aluminum poles.

The patent-pending swivel roller mechanism allows for live baits or artificial lures to have a more natural swimming action, which results in hooking up more fish. The Tele-Outrigger version (shown here) telescopes to less than 8 feet for bridge clearance, trailering and storage. It’s sold in pairs with two models (16 feet with double rollers for double line rigging and 20 feet with triple rollers for triple line rigging) and is available for boats up to 50 feet.

New 4-LED Flat Mount Deck Light

Available in white or black housing, this unique, low-profile LED multi-purpose light is ideal for hard tops, canvas tops, under consoles, cabin interiors, under gunnels and in bait wells. With its ignition protection certification, it is also an ideal light for bilge compartments, battery compartments, engine rooms or inside consoles. It features powerful 700 lumen output with a 100-degree spread beam angle with a high impact, UV-resistant polycarbonate house. Mounting options Stainless Steel Swivel Bracket or as a fixed mount application. This light is available in white LED.

Come On Board Handle

The TACO Marine® Come On Board Handle (rod holder mount shown above) features a large grabbing surface and is ideal for boats where constant boarding is necessary.

A unique finger molded handle pipe design assures a more secure and comfortable grip. The two-piece handle stores easily in a mesh bag (included) that won’t scratch boat surfaces. Additional fixed mount receivers are available for multiple boarding positions, such as gunnels or dive platforms. A fix-base mount model is also available.

Shore Power Cable Holder

The Shore Power Cable Holder is the ideal way for boats to be hooked up to a power source at the dock. The large ring is designed to accommodate 30-, 50- and 100-amp shore power cables and features an adjustable height ring to compensate for low or high tide settings.

The holder stores easily in a mesh bag (included) for easy drying if stored wet and to avoid scratching deck or storage surfaces.

For more information about TACO Marine® products, visit booth 547 at the Progressive® Atlantic City Boat Show, or fill out the contact form below.

TACO Outriggers Taking Center Stage at Miami Boat Show, Booth C199

The event you’ve been waiting for is almost here! Opening tomorrow at 10 a.m., the Progressive® Miami International Boat Show takes over the Miami Marine Stadium Park & Basin on Virginia Key. In tent C, booth 199, we’ll be showcasing the TACO Marine Grand Slam Professional Series outrigger mounts, poles and accessories – manufactured for high-performance sport fishing boats.

But why wait until tomorrow to see the latest from TACO? We’re giving you a sneak peek at three of our new Outrigger Top Mounts, carbon fiber and aluminum poles and Sport Fishing Rigging Kits below.

The Grand Slam Pro Series 400 Outrigger Top Mount features heavy-duty construction designed for today’s high-performance center consoles. The GS-400 is built to withstand the rigors of various fishing techniques, such as dredge or high-speed wahoo fishing.

The Carbon Fiber Tele-Outrigger Poles compliment the Grand Slam 400 and feature our patent-pending swivel roller design for a more natural bait presentation. Carbon Fiber is lighter and stronger than aluminum and prevents whipping.

Introducing the Grand Slam 312 Center Rigger Mount – the only center rigger completely functional from underneath the hard top. The GS-312 features an innovative rotating lever to raise and lower the center rigger while standing on the deck of the boat.

The Grand Slam 314 Center Rigger Mount features the same benefits as the GS-312 with the added performance expectations of today’s larger center console boats. The GS-314 is intended for hard tops up to four-inches thick.

Enhance the thrill of blue water fishing with our premium Aluminum Tele-Outrigger Poles – featuring our patent-pending Tele-Outrigger design available in four colors and two sizes: 15 or 18-feet.

Complete your TACO Marine outrigger system with our Sport Fishing Rigging Kits – Available in single, double or triple lines with either mono or braid. Designed for aluminum or carbon fiber poles.


Our TACO Marine Outrigger Top Mounts and Aluminum Poles carry a 3-year warranty guarantee. Our TACO Marine Carbon Fiber Poles and Rigging Kits come with a 1-year warranty guarantee.

Find the complete TACO Marine catalog here.

For all these great products and more, visit or fill out the contact form below.

TACO Boating Accessories a Must-See at Miami Boat Show, Booth C199

Introducing our premium line of marine accessories – designed to make your boating experience more pleasant on and off the water. We’ll be showcasing these amazing products and more during the Progressive® Miami International Boat Show Feb. 15–19 in booth C199.

The Come On Board Handle with a Fixed-Base Mount is ideal for constant boarding and constructed with type-304 stainless steel.
The Come On Board Rod Holder Mount accessory features a large grabbing surface with finger-molded pipe for a secure, comfortable grip.
Boarding is easy and safe with the TACO Marine Come On Board Handle – available as either a fixed-base or rod-holder mount.
The Portable Locking Transom Cross Tie Cleat secures dock lines up and away from outboard motors and fits standard rod holders.
The Multi-Purpose Portable Cleat is perfect for boaters who need an instant cleat while also providing space to attach a fender.
The Portable Locking Transom Cross Tie Cleat features a brushed aluminum finish and comes with our TACO Marine 1-year warranty guarantee.
Maximize rod storage with the TACO Marine Olympic Rod Holder Cluster – designed for heavy duty rod holders on a tower, gunnel or behind a leaning post.
The Kite Fishing Rod Cluster is perfect for standard gunnel-mount rod holders and is lightweight, durable and constructed from anodized aluminum.
The Kite Fishing Rod Cluster includes form-fitted, anti-fungal PVC white liner and comes with our TACO Marine 3-year warranty guarantee.
Introducing the Quick Release Fender Lock – perfect for dockside safety and made with type-316 stainless steel. The Fender Lock comes with a 3-year warranty.
The Shore Power Cable Holder features a large ring that accommodates 30-, 50- and 100-amp power cables and is equipped with an adjustable height ring.

Cash-in on this exclusive TACO Marine Dockside Accessory rebate.

Find the complete TACO Marine catalog here.

For more information about all these great products and more, visit us at the Progressive® Miami International Boat Show in booth C199, visit or fill out the contact form below.

TACO Marine Showcasing Popular LED Lights at Miami Boat Show, Booth C199

We’re gearing up for the Progressive® Miami International Boat Show Feb. 15 –19 in booth C199. We’ll be showcasing many of our innovative marine products, including our premium line of LED Deck and Navigation Lights.

TACO 3-LED Flat Mount deck lights are ideal for hard top, consoles, interior cabins, under gunnels and bait wells – available in red or blue.
TACO 4-LED Flat Mount deck lights are available in powerful 700-lumen white light, white or black housing, and feature a 100-degree beam.
TACO 3-LED Pipe Mount deck lights are ideal for T-Tops, towers, railings, poling platforms and leaning posts – available in red or blue.
TACO 4-LED Pipe Mount deck lights are available in powerful 700-lumen white light and feature a 100-degree spread beam angle.
The TACO T-Top LED Pipe Mount lights are perfect for T-Tops, towers and railings. These powerful 1080-lumen lights are available in white-to-blue or white-to-red.
The TACO T-Top Tube Light with aluminum housing is an attractive, durable and bright LED – available in white-with-blue and white-with-red in polished anodized aluminum.

These TACO Marine LED Lights are IP67 waterproof (non-submersible) and come with our 1-year warranty guarantee. For a limited time, buy two TACO Marine LED lights and receive a $25 rebate. 

For more information on our TACO Marine LED Lights, visit or fill out the contact form below.

Announcing Two More Exclusive Rebates from TACO Marine

For two months, we’re offering exclusive rebates on some of our most popular boating accessories – LED lights, the Shore Power Cable Holder and the Come On Board Handle.


Our premium line of LED lights are ignition protection certified by the United States Coast Guard, the International Organization for Standardization and SAE International.*

All of our LED Lights are impact resistant, totally-sealed waterproof and manufactured to withstand the rigors of marine and other outdoor environments. Our highly-efficient hardwired LED Lights provide 75,000 hours of operation with a low draw of less than one amp – preventing battery drain. We offer a wide variety of premium LED lights, mounts and bezel options for the perfect illumination on your boat.

Read more about our TACO Marine LED lights here.

Our Shore Power Cable Holder is the ideal accessory for boats connecting to a power source at a marina. The large ring design accommodates 30-, 50- and 100-amp shore power cables and features an adjustable height ring to compensate for low or high tide.

TACO Marine Shore Power Cable Holder

Discover more incredible features about the Shore Power Cable Holder here.

The Come On Board Handle rebate is good for either the Fixed Base Mount or Rod Holder Mount version of this must-have accessory.

TACO Marine Come On Board Handle – Fixed Base Mount

The Fixed Based Mount attaches permanently to the gunnel or transom platform mount.

TACO Marine Come On Board Handle – Rod Holder Mount

The Rod Holder Mount easily sets into any rod holder and features a solid gimbal mount design for secure locking placement.

Both the Fixed Base and Rod Holder mounts are constructed using type-304 stainless steel with a unique finger-molded groove handle for a comfortable grip. Both handles feature a multiple piece design for easy storage and come with a TACO Marine one-year warranty guarantee.

* USCG, ISO and SAE certified for Ignition Protection. Completely sealed lights have been tested in an explosive environment and exposed to an explosive atmosphere in high temperature that includes powering on-off 50 times without igniting the atmosphere at a temperature not exceeding 200 degree C. These certificates demonstrate the ability to consistently provide product that meets statutory and regulatory requirements that assure customer satisfaction and safety. Ideal for use in engine rooms, battery compartments and anywhere fire safety is of most importance.

For more information on our innovative TACO Marine products, visit or fill out the contact form below.

Innovative, high quality products supported by extraordinary service.

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