Companionway Repair & Replacement on the Ship Shape TV and Taco Marine Project Boat Blog

Do it yourself companionwayThe latest Taco Marine Project Boat blog is all about what to do with that old-looking companionway. From redoing the glide rails, to replacing the doors, to selecting the best materials and hardware, the latest Taco Marine Project Boat blog provides helpful topic insights. To check out the latest DIY helpful blog go to: Taco Marine Project Boat.

We cover the latest materials being used for companionway replacement.

Rub Rail Installation on the Taco Marine Project Boat – Part 11

Rub rail selection

Taco Marine’s Project Boat on Ship Shape TV, Part 11 blog is all about Rub Rail Installation and Selection. For rub rail installation tips on measuring, caulking, attaching, bending and trimming rub rail, go to:

Boating: Oil and Gas in Our Waterways

We all enjoy boating in our waterways, and each of us have a chance to keep those waterways clean and healthy. If you would like to help the environment, it’s as simple as choosing a “clean” marina. A clean marina adopts environmentally friendly practices

Clean marinasuch as educating boaters about clean refueling, and they may also have well-lit bathrooms, shore-side laundry facilities, more grassy areas, convenient pump-out stations, plenty of trash cans and recycling bins and many other amenities that not only help keep the waterway clean, but they make your time at the marina more pleasant. For example, here’s a link to find Florida’s clean marinas.

FYI – By law, any oil or fuel spill that leaves a sheen on the water must be reported to the U.S. Coast Guard National Response Center by calling 1-800-424-8802. Many states require you to contact them as well in case of a spill, so make sure you know what agency to contact in your state.

Recycle materials for rub railHow is Taco Marine participating in being a clean, green company?  Here’s one example; As we develop new rub rail profiles and processes we run material for testing to meet very specific tolerances with precise calibration. Once the testing and sample runs are completed, we don’t toss that material away, we regrind it for reprocessing into other extrusion products.

Clean Marina best practicesLearn the practical tips on how to prevent drips and drops that can accidentally escape during refueling your boat. Master the techniques to prevent spills when refueling or maintaining your boat. Boat U.S. Foundation can help you find a clean marina, whether you are looking for a destination for a weekend cruise, or a new home for your boat:  Clean Boating.  Whether you own a small or a big boat, you’re sure to learn simple tips that will make a difference and help keep fuel where it belongs – in the tank, not the water!

Innovative Rod Racks Mount on Boat Transom

Rod Transom Mount Rack

NEW =>  Taco Marine’s Transom Mount Rod Racks maximize your on-board rod storage by freeing up gunnels and decks. The racks mount on the transom and are available in a 3 or 4 rod configuration.  These unique transom rod racks have a patent-pending adjustable angle bracket so they can adjust to any boat transom, and allows the rods to sit at any desired angle.

The brushed, anodized aluminum rod racks have a form-fitted PVC liner and come with Taco Marine’s 3-year warranty.

Taco Marine’s Transom Mount Rod Rack

Painting the Deck and Hull: Part 10 – Taco Marine Project Boat on Ship Shape TV

Check out Part 10, of the Taco Marine Project Boat that  is filled with prepping and painting tips. For example, before painting the deck, a product called Super Poly-Fill putty was used over some exposed structural fiberglass in the splash well to provide a smoother surface for the paint. If you have some micro scratches in your gelcoat, they recommend Gelcoat Putty that’s used for that finer type of repair. But if you need to repair below the water line, it’s best to use Trowel-On Epoxy Putty which is resistant to osmotic blistering for a more permanent solution. Check out the Taco Marine Project Boat blog, chock full of info on prepping and painting tips in the latest video for the Taco Marine Project Boat blog.

Taco Marine Part 10
Part 10, Taco Marine Boat Project


Taco Marine’s Seaspension Shock-Mitigating Pedestal System Wins 2016 Top Product Award

Boating Industry top product 2016The editors of Boating Industry magazine selected Taco Marine’s Low Profile Seaspension® Shock-Mitigating Pedestal System as a 2016 Top Product.

This award-winning seat pedestal absorbs shock and vibrations to prevent the constant pounding of waves on the back and legs. The typical pedestal is rigid which transfers wave jolts directly to the seats and the person sitting in it. This innovative Seaspension pedestal is engineered to provide effective shock dampening – not a bouncy “Pogo-Stick” spring type of action like other most other shock-absorbing pedestals. These pedestals are precision engineered to provide maximum boating comfort by absorbing pounding waves and other boating vibrations.

Suspension Low profile seating pedestal

Taco Marine’s low profile pedestal is designed for the raised platform helms found in many of the new boats in the marketplace today. They are also a great retrofit for boats with fixed pedestals mounted on platform helms. The low-profile design is the lowest fully engineered pedestal system in the industry. The Seaspension Pedestal System comes with integrated auto forward position lock feature with a swivel function for added safety. The system meets ABYC H-31’s standards for seat structures and is also available in custom color powder-coat finish or in a polished version. Boot and non-boot versions are available.

For more information about the Taco Marine Seaspension Shock-absorbing pedestal system and other Taco Marine products, visit  Taco Marine.

3 New Taco Marine Boating Products add safety and convenience to boats

Here are 3 handy new products you just may want to have before you head out for the summer boating season.

Taco Marine come on board handleComeONBoard-package1. Come-on-board boat handle. Get on and off your boat safely with this stainless steel Come-on-board-handle” – with a large finger-grip contoured surface. This two-piece handle slides into a backing plate inserted into a standard rod holder, or the receiver base is ideal for gunnel or transom platform mounting. This clever two-piece handle has a bag for quick and easy storage. Click the photos for more information.

Boat power cable holder2. Shore to Boat Power Cable Holder. This is a safe and convenient way to hold the power cable from the dock to the boat. The large ring accommodates 30, 50 and 100 AMP shore power cables, fits into standard rod holders and has an adjustable height clamp-on ring that slides up and down to compensate for low or high tides. Includes storage bag.

3. Multi-purpose 15 degree portable cleat. Ever needed a cleat or a boat fender in a different place? This brushed aluminum portable cleat fits into a standard rod holder and easily moves around to where you need it. The loop-hole design allows fenders to hang over the side, and is ideal for hanging your hose while washing your boat. portable boat cleatThis product also includes a handy storage bag. Check out our other new boating products at

Check out the Taco Marine Project Boat Latest Blog on Stringers, Bulkheads and Fuel Tanks

Before installing the new custom fuel tanks into the Taco Marine Project Boat, issues with the stringers and bulkheads were addressed.  See Part 9:  Stringers, Bulkheads and Fuel Tanks at the Taco Marine Project Blog.

Stringers, Bulkheads and Fuel Tanks:

Check out Taco Marine’s Project Boat blog, Part 8: The Boat’s Fuel Tanks have Leaks – Now What?

Having fuel tanks that leak fuel is wasteful and dangerous. To test for leaks the TNT Custom Boatworks staff pressurized the Taco Marine Project Boat’s fuel tanks with 3 lbs. of air pressure and then went around the seams and weld joints with a soapy paint brush. Watch the result of the test and see what happened next at the Taco Marine Project Boat blog, click below and check it out …
Taco Marine Project Boat part 8

Taco Marine Project Boat part 7 Updated – Transom Replacement Video

Replacing a boat transomCheck out the informational video just posted on the Taco Marine Project Boat Blog: Replacing the Transom, Part 7. The video shows what you need to do if the inside of your transom has rotted and no longer provides sturdy support. We demonstrate how to cut out the old transom and Boat Outfitters cuts out for us a transom that is stronger and lighter than plywood, composed of Coosa Composite material.

Innovative, high quality products supported by extraordinary service.


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