How Navigation Lights are mounted into Rub Rail

Taco Marine’s Sleek Rub Rail mounted LED navigation lights enable the elimination of deck mounted versions. These LED lights are mounted in a heavy gauge Stainless Steel joiner cover.

Here’s a sleek new way to mount LED navigation lights – right in the rub rail! Boat builders can now eliminate deck mounted navigation lights with the Taco Marine LED Rub Rail Navigation Lights. They are mounted into a heavy gauge stainless steel joiner cover and are very easy to install. The 3 watt port (red) and starboard (green) LED lights are designed to fit the popular Taco V21-9659 Rigid Vinyl Rub Rail profiles. The lights provide a 120 degree unobstructed view, are visible for up to a ½ mile, and meet ABYC/USCG requirements.

 Add Value to your boat with Taco Marine LED Navigation Lights

  1. Create a smooth deck by eliminating deck-mounted navigation lights
  2. Install low-voltage LEDs that draw only 0.25 amps
  3. Build-in years of maintenance free service with long-life LEDs
  4. Heavy-gauge stainless steel cover plates provide durability

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