What Makes Taco Marine Outriggers the Best?

Help your sport fishing success with Taco Marine outriggers.

Just ask the pros. Winning anglers boast about their natural talents and their high-performing Taco Marine sport fishing products.  Taco Marine’s innovative outrigger products helps all kinds of fishermen catch the big ones. Each year Taco Marine leads the industry with new sport fishing products that enhance the fishing experience of professionals and the weekend angler.

Taco Marine outriggers and outrigger kits are known for their durability, efficiency, and their angler-friendly features. Our outrigger kits provide great value along with convenience. Taco Marine’s all-you-need kits make it simple to make your boat outrigger-ready today. We have kits available for the Grand Slam 170, Grand Slam 280, Grand Slam 380 and for the center rigger. Taco Marine’s innovative outriggers are made for the long haul.

Why the best? We listen to fishing pros and boat builders, then we carefully engineer, design, and manufacture our outriggers – and finish the process off with extensive testing. For over 50 years we have been making quality outriggers and other marine products – and our passion for the marine business is built into every product we make. Click here to go to the where-to-buy outrigger page.

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