The Secret to Filleting a Fish & Clever Taco Marine Adjustable Filet Tables

Adjustable Poly Filet table is rugged and tilts at any angle
Adjustable poly filet table fits into any rod holder and the mount locks at any angle. This FDA approved table conveniently folds flat for storage.

After you have put Taco Marine outriggers to the test, caught your breakfast, lunch and dinner – now what? Taco Marine offers a wide variety of marine accessories designed to enhance your fishing experience. A new line of filet tables from docks to gunnels are now available featuring a heavy duty, dockside filet table to portable, tilt-mount gunnel mount models. These products can help bring the big catch to the dinner table. No bones about it – here’s a video that shows the step-by-step secret on how to easily fillet a fish:

Taco Marine Filet Tables are made from UV-stabilized, high density polyethylene and all are FDA approved. Our dock-side table is for permanent mounting and our gunnel tables mount securely in gunnels.
 Reminder: Come see us at the IBEX show at the Tampa Convention Center, September 30 – October 2.

Taco Marine Removable Bait Filet Board
Removable Bait Filet Board

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