Taco Marine at the Miami International Boat Show (Feb. 12-16)

2015 Miami International Boat ShowThe Miami Boat Show is the biggest boat show in the World! See all of the latest featured Taco Marine products has to offer, on February 12-16th in Miami, Florida. Talk to Taco Marine product experts and touch and feel the actual product!

Taco Marine’s Sleek Rub Rail mounted LED navigation lights enable the elimination of deck mounted versions. These LED lights are mounted in a heavy gauge Stainless Steel joiner cover.Featured products:

Navigation Lights built right into the rub rail. The patent-pending, rub rail-mounted, waterproof LED navigation lights are Coast Guard approved for two nautical miles. They provide a 120 degree unobstructed visibility and mounted in a highly polished stainless steel joint cover with USCG approved engraving.

The Seaspension shock-absorbing pedestal for seats, leaning posts, benches and helm chairs. Introducing our new low profile shock-absorbing pedestals – designed to sit on top of a fiberglass box or other marine enclosures. 


Newest innovation in rub rails: Flex Core which has a “softer” construction for easier molding to deck contours and lighter weight characteristics. Also new, is Flex Chrome, a unique way to have the look of a stainless insert but without seeing fasteners holding it in place. This presents a beautiful appearance without the need for fastener costs or the labor to install screws.

LED Lights: All types and sizes for t-tops that blend right into the frame. (Watch video in the right column) –>

We hope to see you at the show, as this is the easiest and quickest way to compare Taco Marine’s product quality vs. competitive products.

Seaspension ®  U.S. & International Patents   Manufactured under license by Taco Metals, Sparta TN

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