Installing t-top outrigger mounting plates

We were recently asked, “What’s involved with mounting an outrigger system to a t-top that isn’t outfitted with the needed mounting plates – and can the average boater do it themselves?”

Captain Mark Henderson, from the Liquid Fire Fishing team, replies; “A Taco Marine welded-in extrusion, which is pre-drilled and tapped for the mounting hardware for a soft top, t-top, is the best and easiest way – and have a fabricator weld this piece into the top. Taco Marine also offers aluminum mounting brackets, which are predrilled for the bases and mounting hardware, for hard top installation. The use of these specified items will lessen cost and time, and they are specific to the installation of the Taco Marine Grand Slam bases. Once you have that in place, check out this outrigger installation video:

3 thoughts on “Installing t-top outrigger mounting plates”

  1. Hi,
    I recently purchased the Taco Metals GS-280 outrigger base, and thought it would be easy to find the Taco Metals predrilled/weld on Extrusion plates, but cant find them anywhere. I just wish they still made the clamp on mounting plates and everything would be so much easier. Any ideas where i can purchase these weld on plates?? or even better, the clamps…

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