Santa picks his favorite bag and pole.

Neptune Leaning Post bag

Santa traded his big red bag for the handy Taco Marine Neptune Neptune Storage BagCarry-All Gear and Tackle Storage Bag. Why? It’s tear-resistant and keeps presents, gear and tackle dry because of the clever drainage points throughout the bottom. It also fits inside Taco Marine‘s Neptune II Leaning post. There’s plenty of interior and exterior pockets to store tools, cell phones, sunglasses, and even sun block for his days off.

Tele-Outrigger poleSanta’s also carrying Taco Marine’s new, Carbon-Fiber Tele-Outrigger Pole! The first pole of its kind,  this innovative design is much stronger and lighter than any  aluminum pole on the market today. Santa can now pull dredges of ballyhoo, mullet or squids through the water at high speeds – difficult to do with aluminum poles. The swivel roller design mechanism pulls the bait into a more natural swimming action. What’s more, it’s easy to rig, telescopes to less than 8 feet and includes a nylon mesh carry bag to protect the poles. And Santa is picky about his poles, especially the one up North.

Click Neptune Tackle Storage Bag, Carbon Fiber Center Rigger Pole or Tele-Outrigger Pole for more product information.


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