5 Big Advantages of Rub Rail Mounted LED Navigation Lights

rub rail navigation lightsRub rail mounted LED navigation lights are the latest innovative product from TACO Marine. These 3-watt port and starboard LED lights can be seen up to two miles away – and they are ABYC/USCG tested and approved with a IP-68 rating for “wet locations.”  (Water-resistant, IP68 rating).

These impact resistant, long-life LED lights with a 120 degree unobstructed view, will provide years of maintenance-free service. They are made of a heavy-gage stainless steel joiner cover designed to fit the popular TACO V21-9659 rigid vinyl rub rail profile. These innovative LED navigation lights include two LED 3-watt bulbs, two cover plates; port (red) and starboard (green), two heat sink inserts and mounting hardware. What’s more, they are easy to install. For more information on the TACO Marine LED navigation lights, click here:  TACO Marine.

5  Big Advantages of Rub Rail Mounted LED Navigation Lights:

  1. Unobstructed 120° view with less glare
  2. Eliminate lights on the deck – avoid stubbed toes and rope issues
  3. Long-life LEDs decrease maintenance and service
  4. Bright 3-Watt LEDs – compare to 10-Watt incandescent lights
  5. Low-draw 0.6 Amperes per light / Low-voltage 12-24VDC

Rub Rail mounted navigation lightsEasy installation with both Vinyl and Stainless inserts. Meets ABYC-USCG requirements for both sail and power boat designation


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