TACO is Growing with New Addition to Miami, Florida Customer Service Team

Introducing Kathy Meza, the new Account Support Specialist with our Customer Service team in Miami, Florida.

Meza, a South Florida native with a wealth of customer service experience, said her role with TACO is more behind-the-scenes.

“I’m entering orders and making sure the shipment is correct and everything goes smoothly,” said Meza, who follows orders from beginning to end to ensure customer satisfaction.

Meza said she was drawn to work at TACO, not only because of its commitment to customers, but because of the environment within the office and abundance of long-lasting employees.

“A significant portion of the employees have been here a long time, which says a lot about the company itself,” said Meza.

Meza said one of the reasons TACO is successful in the metals, plastics and marine industries is because they go above and beyond to deliver what every customer needs.

“[Customers] don’t care how much we sell, they care about whether we can get them the material they need on time,” she said. “I think that’s what brings our customers over more than anything.”

Meza said she is excited for the potential to grow within TACO. Additionally, she said her goals with the company include helping to further streamline the customer experience while also maintaining the company’s goals.

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