We’re Back with Florida Sportsman Project Dreamboat Episode 7

The pros at Marine Customs Unlimited are back in episode 7 of Florida Sportsman Project Dreamboat.

In this episode, we follow up with the 21-foot Paramount, which is being rigged with dual 10-foot Power-Poles on the transom.

Altenhoff mounts dual 10-foot Power-Poles to the 21-foot Paramount transom via a Jack Plate.

MCU Master Rigger Steve Altenhoff is tasked with mounting the dual Power-Poles, which come with two brackets designated for port and starboard on a Jack Plate.

Altenhoff must determine the correct Power-Pole bracket for the port and starboard of the Jack Plate.
Altenhoff attaches the brackets to the Jack Plate.

Altenhoff said having dual Power-Poles will help equalize the boat, whereas a single Power-Pole could cause the boat to be off balanced.

Watch the exclusive clip below.

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