It’s Time for Another Episode of Florida Sportsman Project Dreamboat!

We’re back with another episode of Florida Sportsman Project Dreamboat!

In episode 10, the crew at Marine Customs Unlimited get back to work on the 19-foot Cuda Craft. First, Austin was tasked with installing new rod holders throughout the gunnel. The catch? Because of the boat’s design and the location of the new rod holders, great care was needed to ensure the holders were angled correctly to protect the hull.

This 19-foot Cuda Craft had some major repairs done at Marine Customs Unlimited. Now it was time for custom rod holders and live well plumbing.
It was key that the angle and placement of each custom rod holder was carefully placed to ensure the hull would not be damaged.
Once accurately placed, the new custom rod holders seamlessly fit into the Cuda Craft gunnel.

Up next, the Cuda Craft was sent to Steve for some custom rigging on two live wells. To properly rig the live wells, Steve had to ensure he drilled the correctly sized hole for the high speed pickup for each live well. These are designed to flow fresh water into the live well without continually running a pump.

Steve then attached a ball valve on top of the pickup, which provides added protection against water leaks if a pump breaks.

Steve drilling the holes for the new high speed pickup for each live well.
The high speed pickups allow for fresh water to flow into the live well without the continual use of a pump.
Steve attached a ball valve on top of each pickup. Having a ball valve will protect the boat from leaks, should a pump break.

Steve then plumbs a spray head and overflow drain for each live well. He has some great tips to consider for boaters installing their own live wells. After the plumbing is complete, Steve installs aerators into each live well, which help keep bait alive and healthy.

Steve then installs a spray head and overflow drain into each live well.
The final touch to the new live wells was installing an aerator pump for each.
Proper aeration helps keep bait alive, healthy and active for fishing.

Watch the exclusive clip below.

In this episode, we also learn about one man’s dreamboat – a 25-foot Mako – and watch as Steve rigs a pair of self-leveling trim tabs on a classic Boston Whaler. We also see the amazing conclusion to the 19-foot Cuda Craft!

One Man’s Dreamboat features a 25-foot Mako.
This Boston Whaler gets self-leveling trim tabs.
The Cuda Craft is complete!

Watch the full episode below.

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