Founded in 1959, TACO Marine is a pioneer in the marine industry, establishing a reputation for innovation, quality and supply chain partnering. 

From rub rail to innovative sport fishing products, boat builders, accessory manufacturers, dealers, distributors and retailers alike rely on TACO Marine’s design, manufacturing and distribution expertise to bring their products to fruition on-time, on-budget, and with a level of unparalleled quality that is to be expected from an industry pioneer.

TACO Marine is known for being customer focused with innovative quality products that are supported by extraordinary service.

1. Customer focused. By listening to our customers and being flexible – TACO Marine designs, builds and 
delivers products that meet or exceed our customer’s
 requirements – on time. We not only have over 50
 years of experience in the marine industry, but we continue 
to seek out new materials and manufacturing 
processes so we can offer our customers the best 
possible products at the best possible price.   

2. Innovation. TACO Marine’s engineers and designers have 
a passion to develop new and innovative products 
that create solutions or opportunities for our customers 
to gain a competitive edge. We innovate to help 
reduce overall costs, add functionality or to improve
 the safety of our products. We also have the ability 
to rapidly prototype custom parts to help make our
 customer’s part evaluation processes faster and the 
end products a perfect fit.

3. Quality. TACO Marine’s products exceed the quality level 
requirements of our customers by utilizing process 
improvement, extensive testing, searching for the 
best or newest materials and participating in best
 practices. We test and observe our products in the 
field to provide continuous improvement – from 
design, to manufacturing, to delivery. 

4. Service. TACO Marine strives to provide the best technical 
support and enthusiastic service available, from
 design to delivery. Our production shifts are scheduled
to be able to provide same day shipping and our 
warehousing capabilities can provide Just-in-time 

Sales: 305-652-8566       Tech Support: 800-653-8567

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Innovative, high-quality products supported by extraordinary service.

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