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Maintenance Tips for Boaters Part 1: Year-Round

This is a two-part boat maintenance series. Part 1 focuses on year-round boaters in warmer climates while Part 2 focuses on seasonal boaters getting ready to de-winterize and summer-ize their craft.

While boating year around is an amazing benefit for people in warmer climates, we believe it’s important to remember crucial maintenance tasks that can often be overlooked.

For expert advice, we spoke to Hammertime Sport Fishing Charter Captain Daniel Avila – our TACO Marine Account Service Representative who fishes the Florida inland coastal waterways and offshore seas year around.

As a lifelong fisherman and Florida native, Avila has nine key areas he believes are essential for keeping warm-climate boats healthy all year long.


“The most important thing to check is your safety gear,” said Avila.

The minimum safety gear required by the United States Coast Guard [USCG]* is the following:

  • USCG-approved personal floatation device per person
  • USCG-approved throwable floatation device
  • USCG-approved fire extinguisher
  • Visual Distress Signal, such as a flare gun and flares
  • Sound-Producing Device, such as a bell, horn or whistle
  • USCG-approved Backfire Flame Control for controlling backfires of all gasoline engines installed after April 25, 1940
  • Ventilation, for the purpose of properly and efficiency ventilating bilges and closed compartments that contain gasoline [except permanently installed tanks that vent outside the boat]
  • Vessel Lighting, such as navigation lights, between sunset and sunrise and during periods of reduced visibility
  • Anchor, anchor line, de-watering device, such as a bilge pump, and an oar or paddle

Flares and fire extinguishers expire and need to be replaced as directed on the package or after use. Personal and throwable floatation devices, if not stored properly, can degrade in function and floatation.

Avila also recommends boaters ensure their VHF radio is working, even for short-distance excursions.

“Three miles off shore, you don’t have any cell phone reception,” Avila said. “That’s the only other line of communication you have with anyone else.”


Because boat maintenance differs from vessel to vessel, Avila said the best thing you can do is follow your boat manufacturer recommendations.

Performing regular checks of your boat’s fuel system is important, and Avila offers the following basics:

  • Make sure the fuel is good. Depending on how often you use your boat, water may contaminate the tanks or the fuel could degrade if it’s been stagnant. Incorporating a fuel conditioner can help revitalize stagnant fuel and mix in water.
  • Check the fuel lines for leaks or kinks. If you do need to replace fuel lines, there are several kink-resistant products available on the market.
  • Regularly replace fuel filters. Fuel filters help clean debris from fuel tanks and prevent debris from entering motors. Avila advises fuel filters be replaced at least every 100 hours or as recommended by your boat manufacturer.


If your boat has trouble starting or if your batteries are a few years old, Avila said you may want to consider replacing your boat’s batteries.

When not using your boat, Avila encourages boaters to use their onboard battery charging system, if applicable, or invest in a battery tender – an external charger to keep boat batteries fresh.

If your boat does not have an onboard battery charging system, there are several low-cost, waterproof solutions available on the market.

“You don’t want to get stuck on the water with no battery and call a tow service,” said Avila.

If you’re unsure whether your battery is in good working condition, Avila said boaters can remove onboard batteries for testing at an auto parts store or boat yard. Another option is to purchase your own marine battery testing equipment.


Avila stresses that performing regular motor checkups is vital to performance and problem prevention. He recommends checking the following:

  • Motor oil
  • Oil filters
  • Spark plugs
  • Prop and lower-unit oil
  • Shaft seals
  • Gear wear-and-tear
  • Gear lubrication

Additionally, Avila recommends removing outboard motor props regularly to ensure they are free of fishing line or other debris.

For boats in saltwater, Avila said it’s important to thoroughly flush motors after each use with fresh water to remove salt deposits. He said both inboard and outboard motors are susceptible to salt build up. Flushing with freshwater will help ensure a longer life expectancy from your motor’s cooling system.


For boats that stay in the water after use, Avila said regular hull cleaning and bottom painting is a must. In warmer climates, barnacles can grow quickly. If left unchecked, barnacle growth impacts boat speed, fuel consumption and overall performance and health.

Maintaining a damage-free deck is just as important as a clean hull, said Avila, especially when it comes to boat safety.

As a charter boat captain, he said a clean and organized deck enhances on-the-water safety for customers. And while it’s normal for your boat’s deck to get scratched or dinged, Avila said minor DIY fiberglass repairs and upkeep will help prevent water damage and keep your boat looking good.

For older boats, Avila said it’s important to look for signs of rot, especially in boats that have organic materials, such as wood in the stringers. Check for soft spots along the hull and deck interior or have the boat inspected by a professional.


Like fuel pumps, a boat’s hydraulic steering system is at risk for leaks or degradation over time. Avila said there are simple signs that may indicate your steering system needs maintenance.

If you experience sloppy or a delayed reaction while steering, Avila said this may indicate air in your hydraulic system or low hydraulic fluid.

“Simply adding some fluid to the reservoir can cure the problem,” said Avila. “However, if that doesn’t cure the problem, you may want to take your boat to a mechanic. There may be further issues within the system itself that require maintenance.”


Avila said replacing faded, outdated or damaged Rub Rail is an easy, low-cost solution to make an older boat look new again.

At TACO Marine, we offer seven Vinyl Rub Rail Kits for DIY installation, including options in Flexible Rub Rail, Semi-Rigid Rub Rail and Semi-Rigid with a Flex Chrome Insert.


In addition to checking your VHF radio, Avila said it’s important to check lights, navigation systems, AC and other application electrical systems on the boat regularly.


Lastly, Avila said it’s important to ensure your boat trailer is in good working condition – free of rust and damage, while also having functioning lights and winch straps. Depending on how frequently you trailer your boat, trailer maintenance is easy to overlook.

“What can go wrong will go wrong,” said Avila. “That’s probably the best advice I can give you.”

For more information on how you can improve your time on the water, stay tuned for “Maintenance Tips for Boaters Part 2: Seasonal De-Winterizing” and also remember to subscribe to this blog.

*See all USCG requirements online at for more details and requirements.

Top 10 TACO Products You Need for Spring

It’s officially spring, which means it’s the perfect time for boat remodeling, renovation and equipment upgrades. Check out our top 10, must-have TACO products you need to get your boat ready for summer.



Our Grand Slam Outrigger Mounts are perfect for anglers with any size boat up to and surpassing 50 feet. Manufactured with high-quality, durable stainless steel and machined aluminum, our Outrigger Mounts are guaranteed for years of trouble-free use and backed by our industry-leading 3-year warranty. For larger fishing boats, we offer our Grand Slam Professional Series Mounts, which are perfect for high-performance sport fishing at high speeds.

Safely adjust the Pro Series outrigger angle from underneath the hardtop without climbing on gunnels or leaving the deck.



Aluminum Tele-Outrigger Poles

Compliment your TACO Marine Outrigger Mounts with our Aluminum or Carbon Fiber Outrigger Poles. Our patented Aluminum Tele-Outrigger Poles are strong and sturdy, even in the roughest seas with multiple trolling lines. They pair with the Grand Slam 400, 380, 280, 170 or a striker base. The Aluminum Poles are available in 15- and 18-feet long.

Carbon Fiber Tele-Outrigger Poles

Our Carbon Fiber Tele-Outrigger Poles feature our patent-pending swivel rollers, which allow for a more natural bait presentation and provide less halyard line chafing, and our patent-pending Twist & Lock mechanism for easy pole installation. These pair with our Grand Slam Pro Series 450 and 500 Mounts and are available in 16- and 20-feet long.

Check out this video with Captain Ryan Peters from Miss Britt Charters and our TACO Marine Outrigger Top Mounts and Carbon Fiber Poles.



Complete your TACO Outrigger system with one of our halyard line Rigging Kits. Choose from seven different kits for your outrigger needs, including a center rigger kit, the double mono rigging kit and the premium triple-braid rigging kit. These kits are designed to fill all your rigging needs to get you on the water quickly.

Captain Mark Henderson from the Liquid Fire Fishing Team shows how to quickly rig lines, attach swivels and pulleys, set the tension on the poles, attach the cord to the gunnel as well as how and where to attach your fishing line.



We also have the TACO Marine Outrigger Line Tensioner, which is designed for larger boats fishing with double or triple halyard lines on each outrigger. The Outrigger Line Tensioner helps keep proper tension on outrigger halyards while fully extended and tight.

With its easily adjustable halyard tension, it makes changing locations quick and easy – no more storing your halyard lines in order to make a move. Manufactured from stainless steel Type-316, the Outrigger Line Tensioner is adjustable for boats with 1- to 2-1/2-inch thick gunnels. It comes with an Easy Ronstan medium cam cleat for 1/8- to 1/2-inch thick rope and is backed by our 1-year warranty.



Give your boat the ultimate face lift with brand new TACO Marine Rub Rail! Replacing outdated, faded or damaged Rub Rail is one of the quickest and low-cost solutions for improving your boat’s appearance. We offer seven premium Vinyl Rub Rail Kits, which are available in various sizes to match almost any boat on the market. Choose from Flexible Rub Rail, Semi-Rigid Rub Rail or Semi-Rigid with a Chrome Insert.

Installing your own Rub Rail is easy! We have a great video showing our various Rub Rail profiles and how you can install Rub Rail on your own boat.



The Come On Board Rod Holder Mount accessory features a large grabbing surface with finger-molded pipe for a secure, comfortable grip.

Improve safety and accessibility with our Come On Board Handles. Easily step down onto gunnels while gripping the Come On Board Handle – helping to prevent dangerous slips and falls during boarding.

The Shore Power Cable Holder features a large ring that accommodates 30-, 50- and 100-amp power cables and is equipped with an adjustable height ring.

If you’re connected to shore power, do it safely with the adjustable TACO Marine Shore Power Cable Holder, which elevates power cables out of the water between your boat and the dock.

The Come On Board Handles, available with a rod holder base or a fixed base, are the ideal accessory for safe boarding.



The Portable Locking Transom Cross Tie Cleat secures dock lines up and away from outboard motors and fits standard rod holders.

Prevent your dock lines from getting tangled in outboard props with our Transom Cross Tie – a 30-inch tall portable cleat that elevates lines up and away from motors when tying off at the stern. Our patent-pending latch mechanism at the base allows for easy insertion and hold into standard rod holders. Check out the video below for more on the Transom Cross Tie Portable Cleat.

Captain Mark Henderson of the Liquid Fire Fishing Team shows how to elevate stern lines using the TACO Marine Transom Cross Tie Portable Cleat.



Introducing the Quick Release Fender Lock – perfect for dockside safety and made with type-316 stainless steel. The Fender Lock comes with a 3-year warranty.

For dockside safety and convenience, our new TACO Marine Quick Release Fender Lock ensures secure, quickly stored fender lines. At the dock, you simply insert the pin into the fitting and your boat is protected with the fenders in an ideal position. When using chum bags, it’s a great way to never have to search for a place to hang it again!

Installing the TACO Marine Quick Release Fender Lock is easy! Captain Mark Henderson of the Liquid Fire Fishing Team walks us through the process.



Filet your fresh-caught fish on our easy-to-clean TACO Marine Adjustable Poly Filet Table, which is made from FDA-approved, high-density polyethylene that will not discolor, crack, mildew or absorb fish odors. Available in 20- and 30-inch widths, our filet tables are perfect for cutting bait, fileting fish or serving food and beverages. These tables also feature a storage slot to safely stow filet knives and fishing pliers. The universal, adjustable mount is corrosion resistant and made to fit all standard size rod holders. The quick release ergonomic knob allows for quick angle adjustment and flat storage when not being used. All fasteners are stainless marine grade quality.

Captain Mark Henderson of the Liquid Fire Fishing Team speaks about his experience with TACO Marine Adjustable Poly Filet Tables.



Lastly, equip your boat with one of our Poly Drink Holders, which are perfectly sized for tumblers up to 32 ounces, cans and water bottles. These made-in-the-USA drink holders are available as a single or double tumbler, with or without a cell phone or catch-all slot. Our Poly Tumbler Holders easily attach to boat surfaces with suction cups and are manufactured using UV-stabilized, high-density Polymer. This is a must-have, go-to accessory for any size boat!


For more information on all these great products and more, visit or fill out the contact form below.

TACO Marine Showcasing Popular LED Lights at Miami Boat Show, Booth C199

We’re gearing up for the Progressive® Miami International Boat Show Feb. 15 –19 in booth C199. We’ll be showcasing many of our innovative marine products, including our premium line of LED Deck and Navigation Lights.

TACO 3-LED Flat Mount deck lights are ideal for hard top, consoles, interior cabins, under gunnels and bait wells – available in red or blue.
TACO 4-LED Flat Mount deck lights are available in powerful 700-lumen white light, white or black housing, and feature a 100-degree beam.
TACO 3-LED Pipe Mount deck lights are ideal for T-Tops, towers, railings, poling platforms and leaning posts – available in red or blue.
TACO 4-LED Pipe Mount deck lights are available in powerful 700-lumen white light and feature a 100-degree spread beam angle.
The TACO T-Top LED Pipe Mount lights are perfect for T-Tops, towers and railings. These powerful 1080-lumen lights are available in white-to-blue or white-to-red.
The TACO T-Top Tube Light with aluminum housing is an attractive, durable and bright LED – available in white-with-blue and white-with-red in polished anodized aluminum.

These TACO Marine LED Lights are IP67 waterproof (non-submersible) and come with our 1-year warranty guarantee. For a limited time, buy two TACO Marine LED lights and receive a $25 rebate. 

For more information on our TACO Marine LED Lights, visit or fill out the contact form below.

Happy Holidays from TACO Metals!

During this joyous holiday season, it’s important we take the time to thank you for your business and friendship. We value our continued relationships and appreciate your confidence in us. From our TACO Metals family to yours, we wish you a happy, safe holiday and a healthy New Year!

In 2017 We Made Some Exciting Changes

We opened a new regional warehouse in Summerville, SC., hiring Nick Essenmacher as Warehouse Manager.

We showcased our new branding and display at the IBEX trade show.

We remodeled our Miami headquarters with an open, more contemporary design.

We had our milestone anniversary celebration for the following employees:

  • Eric Hutchinson – Maintenance Manager of 10 years
  • Gene Bray – Shipping Supervisor of 10 years
  • Tamer Elhefnawy – Sales and Services Director of 10 years
  • Gordon Peters – OEM Outside Sales Rep. of 5 years
  • Amil Krivdic – Upholstery Builder of 5 years
  • Enes Gradisic – Upholstery Builder of 5 years
  • Tina Tran – Upholstery Sewer of 5 years

With the support of many within the marine industry, the TACO Marine Project Boat was a huge success – helping to raise more than $130,000 for the I’M LOGAN IT Foundation, which supports the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and college scholarships for deserving youth.

We Look Forward to Another Great Year Working With You!

Enhance Your Boat with a TACO Marine Rub Rail Kit

As an industry leader, you may know TACO Marine has long been the preferred choice of boat builders for Rub Rail designed to meet their specific needs. However, we also offer easy-to-install Vinyl Rub Rail Kits – ideal for do-it-yourselfers and boaters looking for an affordable solution to spruce up the look and value of their boat.

Flexible Vinyl RRK NEW

Our made-in-the-USA Vinyl Rub Rail Kits come in a wide variety of sizes to fit all types of boats from 16- to 30-feet in length. Each kit includes a roll of seamless Rub Rail, matching insert, end caps, stainless steel screws and an installation guide.

The guide, along with a how-to video, are available for free online at You can also find the installation guide here and watch the video below.

In addition to our Vinyl Rub Rail Kits, we also offer a free Rub Rail Replacement Selection Guide if you prefer to try and match the original Rub Rail installed on your specific boat. You can access that guide here.

At TACO Marine, all our Rub Rail is backed by our exclusive 5-year warranty and guarantied to perform for many years to come. If you’re not sure which Rub Rail Kit is the right fit for your boat, please give us a call at 1-800-653-8567 and we can help you.

You can find TACO Marine Rub Rail and our Vinyl Rub Rail Kits online or through your favorite marine dealer, including West Marine and Bass Pro Shops. Please visit for a complete listing.

Thank you for visiting TACO Marine at the 2017 METSTRADE show!

Thank you for stopping by the TACO Marine® stand at the Brunger Export aisle in the USA Pavilion during the 2017 METSTRADE show!

TACO Metals® is a global leader in the recreational marine industry and the most trusted source for rub rail, seating and pedestals, specialty marine hardware, marine fabrication and sport fishing products. The TACO Marine division of TACO Metals is known for its new product development using the latest in design and manufacturing capabilities to create solutions that provide the best total value, enhanced product performance and uncompromising quality. Boat builders, marine product manufacturers, repair yards, distributors and retailers have trusted and relied on TACO Marine for premium products, distribution expertise and unsurpassed customer support since 1959.

We are excited for the opportunity to support you in your needs with any one of our several product lines we have to offer. To view our company and the full range of products, you can visit us at You will also receive a follow up contact from a Brunger Export Sales Representative in your region to review any questions you may have about the TACO Marine line and you’ll be able to set up an appointment, if needed. You can also view Brunger Export’s website at for additional information.

We look forward to working with you in the near future.

TACO Products to see at METSTRADE!

TACO Marine® to feature longer Command Ratchet Hinge, easy-to-install Rub Rail kits and more at METSTRADE, Nov. 14-16, in Brunger Export Stand 12.408, Amsterdam RA.

H25-0023 topIntroducing the TACO Marine® Command Ratchet Hinge 18-1/2-in. long – a high-grade stainless steel and brass hinge ideal for sun pads, bolsters and lounge backrests.

This longer ratchet hinge allows for one locking position at 61.5 degrees that is 2-in. tall and 2-1/4-in. wide.

The Command Ratchet Hinge mounts above deck and can be used for seat backs up to 22 in. – perfect for single- or double-seat capacity and tested up to 500-ft. pounds of torque per pair and 600-pounds of vertical load on a 22-in. seat back.


Flexible Vinyl RRK NEW


We will also feature easy-to-install TACO Marine® Rub Rail kits. While rub rail is primarily designed to protect a boat, it is also a great way to upgrade its value and appearance with a bright new look and accent.

We offer a full product line of rub rail kits for all sizes of boats, in a convenient and easy carry box that’s also easy to ship. Each kit includes all items needed for full replacement of rub rail, including stainless steel fasteners, end caps and, in some profiles, the insert.


5 Big Advantages of Rub Rail Mounted LED Navigation Lights

rub rail navigation lightsRub rail mounted LED navigation lights are the latest innovative product from TACO Marine. These 3-watt port and starboard LED lights can be seen up to two miles away – and they are ABYC/USCG tested and approved with a IP-68 rating for “wet locations.”  (Water-resistant, IP68 rating).

These impact resistant, long-life LED lights with a 120 degree unobstructed view, will provide years of maintenance-free service. They are made of a heavy-gage stainless steel joiner cover designed to fit the popular TACO V21-9659 rigid vinyl rub rail profile. These innovative LED navigation lights include two LED 3-watt bulbs, two cover plates; port (red) and starboard (green), two heat sink inserts and mounting hardware. What’s more, they are easy to install. For more information on the TACO Marine LED navigation lights, click here:  TACO Marine.

5  Big Advantages of Rub Rail Mounted LED Navigation Lights:

  1. Unobstructed 120° view with less glare
  2. Eliminate lights on the deck – avoid stubbed toes and rope issues
  3. Long-life LEDs decrease maintenance and service
  4. Bright 3-Watt LEDs – compare to 10-Watt incandescent lights
  5. Low-draw 0.6 Amperes per light / Low-voltage 12-24VDC

Rub Rail mounted navigation lightsEasy installation with both Vinyl and Stainless inserts. Meets ABYC-USCG requirements for both sail and power boat designation


Christmas Stuffers for Big Stockings …

Adjustable filet tableLeave Santa milk and cookies on this Adjustable Poly Filet TableThis clever  filet table fits in and adjusts to any degree rod holder, levels out flat and locks in the position you need. It also has slots for a filet knife and fishing pliers. This high-strength table will not crack, mildew, discolor, or absorb fish odors – plus it’s easy to clean. It comes in two sizes and all the components are made in the USA.  Find it here at iBoats.

Reel in this Taco Marine stocking stuffer and it could be the-catch-of-the-day for Christmas …

Reel hanger for boatsReel hanger for fishing rodsReel Hangers with Rod Tip Holder Kit. The easy-to-adjust hangers accommodate a wide variety of reel sizes. The stainless steel hangers mount horizontally, vertically or overhead with spring-loaded clips to secure reels safely in place – even in rough seas. The set includes rod tip holders with spring-activated snap locks.

If you don’t find a genuine Taco Marine Rub Rail kit in your stocking, it may be because Santa put it under the tree or used it on his sleigh – to protect chimneys of course. Because Taco Marine is the largest producer of rub rail for boat builders, Santa recommends that you click here for a Free Rub Rail Replacement Guide. It helps you find  the original installed on your boat, what to buy and you can select from many types, styles and colors of rub rail. A Taco Marine Rub Rail Kit may not be a stocking stuffer, but it makes an easy gift to put under the tree.

Rub rail


Click here to go to West Marine to find the Taco Marine Rod Holder and Rub Rail Kit products.

Three ways Santa upgraded his ride – how about you?

A reindeer pulling a sleigh with Santa Claus in it. The background is a beautiful snowy winter forest.

1. A Come-on-board boat handle. Santa is older and wiser and knows it’s no easy task getting in and out of his ride – especially when carrying a bag on board. Now you too can get on and off your Taco Marine come on board handleboat safely with this stainless steel “Come-on-board-handle” – with a large finger-grip contoured surface. This two-piece handle quickly slides into a backing plate inserted into a standard rod holder, or the receiver base is ideal for gunnel or transom platform mounting. This clever two-piece handle has a bag for quick and easy storage. Click this link: Come-on-board handle for more information.

2. Santa has many close calls with chimneys when delivering presents. How does he keep his sleigh from getting scratched and dented? He uses Taco Marine’s rub rail of course! He also added Taco Marine rub rail navigation lightsLED navigation lights that mount right into the rub rail. Now he has Port and Starboard lights with a range of 2 miles. And because Taco Marine is the largest producer of rub rail to boat builders, Santa recommends that you click here for a Free Rub Rail Replacement Guide. It helps you find  the original installed in your boat, what to buy and select from many types, styles and colors of rub rail. A Taco Marine rub rail kit makes an easy gift to put under the tree.

3. Multi-purpose 15 degree portable cleat. Santa needs to make sure his ride is secure on roof tops, so he uses Taco Marine’s clever portable cleat. What about you – ever need a cleat or a boat fender in a different place? This brushed aluminum portable portable boat cleatcleat fits into a standard rod holder and easily moves around to where you need it. The loop-hole design allows fenders to hang over the side, and is ideal for hanging your hose while washing your boat.

Need a to make a Wish List? Check out our other new boating products at