What Makes Taco Marine Outriggers the Best?

Help your sport fishing success with Taco Marine outriggers.

Just ask the pros. Winning anglers boast about their natural talents and their high-performing Taco Marine sport fishing products.  Taco Marine’s innovative outrigger products helps all kinds of fishermen catch the big ones. Each year Taco Marine leads the industry with new sport fishing products that enhance the fishing experience of professionals and the weekend angler.

Taco Marine outriggers and outrigger kits are known for their durability, efficiency, and their angler-friendly features. Our outrigger kits provide great value along with convenience. Taco Marine’s all-you-need kits make it simple to make your boat outrigger-ready today. We have kits available for the Grand Slam 170, Grand Slam 280, Grand Slam 380 and for the center rigger. Taco Marine’s innovative outriggers are made for the long haul.

Why the best? We listen to fishing pros and boat builders, then we carefully engineer, design, and manufacture our outriggers – and finish the process off with extensive testing. For over 50 years we have been making quality outriggers and other marine products – and our passion for the marine business is built into every product we make. Click here to go to the where-to-buy outrigger page.

What Everybody Ought to Know About Taco Marine Fabrication

Taco Marine’s fabrication products are found on all boat models and sizes from tower to deck, bow to stern – worldwide. We offer an extensive assortment of products in aluminum, stainless and nylon.

Taco Marine’s fabrication products are found on all boat models and sizes – worldwide. They offer an extensive assortment of products in aluminum, stainless and nylon. Taco Marine is dedicated to delivering superior products through engineered designs with seaworthy finishes and an unceasing commitment to being the “Best Total Value.” More important, Taco Marine partners with their boat building customers to provide extraordinary service – from design through delivery.

Taco Marine designs, builds and 
delivers products that meet or exceed our customer’s
requirements – on time.

We are known for being customer focused and supported by extraordinary service – some of our friendly service representatives are shown above. By listening to our customers and being flexible – Taco Marine designs, builds and delivers products that meet or exceed our customer’s requirements – on time. Taco Marine not only has over 50 years of experience in the marine industry, but continues to seek out new materials and manufacturing processes so we can offer our customers the best possible products at the best possible price.

How Taco Marine helps Jupiter Marine make boats out of this world

Taco Marine provides Jupiter Marine with outriggers, outrigger poles, rub rail, helm seats and various stainless steel poles and hardware as well as extraordinary service and sales support. So how is that partnership working? Watch the video and find out.

How to Install Taco Marine Seats

This instructional video covers removing your old seat/leaning post cushion and installing new Taco Marine seating.

How to install a Taco Marine seat.

Click on this image to watch a brief video on how easy it is to install a Taco Marine seat.

Innovation: Putting LED Navigation Lights right in the Rub Rail

Taco Marine’s Sleek Rub Rail mounted LED navigation lights enable the elimination of deck mounted versions. These LED lights are mounted in a heavy gauge Stainless Steel joiner cover.

Rub rail mounted LED navigation lights are the latest innovative product from Taco Marine. These 3-watt port and starboard LED lights can be seen up to two miles away – and they are ABYC/USCG tested and approved with a IP-68 rating for “wet locations.” These low voltage LED lights also preserve battery life by drawing less than .25 amps.

These impact resistant, long-life LED lights with a 120 degree unobstructed view, will provide years of maintenance-free service on your 18′ to 35′ boat. They are made of a heavy-gage stainless steel joiner cover designed to fit the popular Taco V21-9659 rigid vinyl rub rail profile. These innovative LED navigation lights include two LED 3-watt bulbs, two cover plates; port (red) and starboard (green), two heat sink inserts and mounting hardware. What’s more, they are easy to install. For more information on the Taco Marine LED navigation lights, click here:  Taco Marine.

How is rub rail made, and Why Taco Marine rub rail for your boat?

Fascinating: Watch how Taco Marine vinyl rub rail is made.
Watch this fascinating 3 minute video on how Taco Marine vinyl rub rail is made.

Click on the above photo to watch a 3 minute video on how high quality rub rail is made – we explain why  most everyone uses Taco Marine rub rail as their first and only choice. What’s more,  because replacing and installing rub rail is labor intensive, you’re better off getting the best-value rub rail now so you don’t have to replace it again anytime soon. Click to visit us at http://tacomarine.com.

Taco Marine rub rail manufacturing

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Professional Fishermen Reveal their Secrets to Catching Fish Like this

The Taco Marine sponsored Liquid Fire fishing team made the trip Logo-Lquid-FireSouth to Pompano Beach and Sarasota, Florida for the first of three Pompano Saltwater Series fishing competitions of the season.

Catch of the day!
Joshua and Crockett Henderson of the Liquid Fire Fishing Team show off a 40-plus pound king mackerel caught while prefishing for the Pompano Saltwater Shootout.

In preparing for the event, our team combed the South Florida seas, looking for blue runners and goggle eyes for bait in order to allow us to target the five different species that could be part of the event’s aggregate. Finding king mackerel, wahoo, backfin tuna, cobia and mahi-mahi was our goal for the week preceding the event. This fish ate a trolled blue runner in about 50 feet of water.

Fishing Tips: “During the Saltwater Shootout, we targeted our blackfin tuna while kite fishing in about 180 feet of water. The bite was a little slower during tournament day, but at the end of our first drift, we were able to raise our first tuna as a goggle eye dangled on the surface from the release clip. The fish weighed in at 20.8 pounds. As the seas conditions continued to deteriorate through the day, it was critical for us to be able to move our kite rods around the boat quickly to stay in touch with our baits. As we moved the Taco Marine rod cluster from the bow to stern during our second drift, another blackfin weighing 27.0 pounds, crashed on a bait. Crockett soon made quick work of the fish as he angled it to Joshua’s waiting gaff. 

Taco marine's Liquid Fire fishing team
Shown above is Mark Henderson, Crockett Henderson, Joshua Henderson and Chris Waters display their catch of: 36.0, 35.5, 24.9 and 23.0 pound king mackerels and blackfin tunas weighing 27.1 and 20.8 pounds during the Pompano Saltwater Shootout. Our team won the Top Family Award in addition to placing second in the Average Joe and Average Joe Bonanza categories.

We will be traveling to the second leg of the Pompano Saltwater Series to fish the Saltwater Slam the end of May through the first week of June. Follow our tournament progress on this blog and to get fishing tips you can use – to get the catch of the day.”

Mark Henderson, Captain
Liquid Fire Fishing Team
2008 “Angler of the Year” Yamaha Professional Kingfish Tour


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What Everybody Ought to Know About Taco Marine Outriggers

Sport fishing tournaments around the world have one common theme: the winning anglers boast about natural talents and their high-performing and easy-to-use Taco Marine outriggers.

Our line of outrigger products are known for durability, efficiency, and their angler-friendly features. Taco Marine’s innovative outrigger products are made for the long and big haul.

How do we do that? We listen to fishing pros and boat builders, then we carefully engineer, design, and manufacture our outrigger products – and finish the process off with extensive testing.

The result? For over 50 years we have been making quality marine products – and our passion for the marine business is built into every Taco Marine outrigger product we make.

To find out where you can purchase Taco Marine  outriggers,        click here.

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Taco Marine’s Outriggers Help Sports Fishing

Taco Fishing Boats


So what’s the difference between a Sailfish and a Marlin?

First, Both are members of the billfish family  giving them their distinctive pointy snouts.

The Dorsal fins are different: The sailfish has a sail-looking dorsal fin and opens up when the sailfish feels threatened. The Marlin’s dorsal fin is less pronounced and is actually one connected fin. The Sailfish dorsal fin is a series of fins connected together a bit like feathers, and sometimes called pleats. Also, marlins dorsal fins are smaller than Sailfish dorsal fins.

The Pectoral fins are also different: The Sailfish has a significantly larger pectoral fin than that  of a Marlin. They both also use them for show and agility.

The Bills: The larger bill belongs to the sailfish, and both bills are very sword-like. The Marlin’s bill is more like a broadsword and the Sailfish is thinner and more like a fencing sword.

So which fish is shown above? More important, catching a Marlin or Sailfish on a fishing trip is a once-in-a-lifetime experience – and we hope you used Taco Marine outriggers to help get one on the line.

Miami Boat Show 2014: Editor’s Top 25 … Taco Marine Grand Slam 880 Antenna Mount

Miami Boat Show 2014

Florida Sportsman Editor’s Top 25 products:                                              Taco Grand Slam 880 Antenna Mount                                                                  by Jeff Weakley

FloridaSportsman-Logo“So we’re back from the Miami Boat show, with card-loads of photographs and pages and pages of notes. Lots of sweet new rides, efficient new engines, amazing electronics displays. A lot of this stuff we’re going to feature in Florida Sportsman and Best Boat magazines in the coming months, but for some digital fun, immediate gratification, here’s a quick scan of 25 random but very interesting highlights. Enjoy.

Taco Marine Grand Slam 880Hallelujah! A VHF antenna T-top mount that allows you to raise and lower the antenna without climbing onto the gunnels. We’ve had systems like this for outriggers for years. This is the new Taco Grand Slam 880 Antenna Mount – the crank lever hides away when not needed.”

Taco Marine: This unique design allows for raising and lowering of an antenna from under the top with a hand crank – no power required. This represents a significant convenience for boaters and a safety feature as well, since the antenna can be adjusted without having to climb up top to adjust.  Click here for additional information. 

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Innovative, high quality products supported by extraordinary service.

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