Painting the Deck and Hull: Part 10 – Taco Marine Project Boat on Ship Shape TV

Check out Part 10, of the Taco Marine Project Boat that  is filled with prepping and painting tips. For example, before painting the deck, a product called Super Poly-Fill putty was used over some exposed structural fiberglass in the splash well to provide a smoother surface for the paint. If you have some micro scratches in your gelcoat, they recommend Gelcoat Putty that’s used for that finer type of repair. But if you need to repair below the water line, it’s best to use Trowel-On Epoxy Putty which is resistant to osmotic blistering for a more permanent solution. Check out the Taco Marine Project Boat blog, chock full of info on prepping and painting tips in the latest video for the Taco Marine Project Boat blog.

Taco Marine Part 10
Part 10, Taco Marine Boat Project


3 New Taco Marine Boating Products add safety and convenience to boats

Here are 3 handy new products you just may want to have before you head out for the summer boating season.

Taco Marine come on board handleComeONBoard-package1. Come-on-board boat handle. Get on and off your boat safely with this stainless steel Come-on-board-handle” – with a large finger-grip contoured surface. This two-piece handle slides into a backing plate inserted into a standard rod holder, or the receiver base is ideal for gunnel or transom platform mounting. This clever two-piece handle has a bag for quick and easy storage. Click the photos for more information.

Boat power cable holder2. Shore to Boat Power Cable Holder. This is a safe and convenient way to hold the power cable from the dock to the boat. The large ring accommodates 30, 50 and 100 AMP shore power cables, fits into standard rod holders and has an adjustable height clamp-on ring that slides up and down to compensate for low or high tides. Includes storage bag.

3. Multi-purpose 15 degree portable cleat. Ever needed a cleat or a boat fender in a different place? This brushed aluminum portable cleat fits into a standard rod holder and easily moves around to where you need it. The loop-hole design allows fenders to hang over the side, and is ideal for hanging your hose while washing your boat. portable boat cleatThis product also includes a handy storage bag. Check out our other new boating products at

Check out the Taco Marine Project Boat Latest Blog on Stringers, Bulkheads and Fuel Tanks

Before installing the new custom fuel tanks into the Taco Marine Project Boat, issues with the stringers and bulkheads were addressed.  See Part 9:  Stringers, Bulkheads and Fuel Tanks at the Taco Marine Project Blog.

Stringers, Bulkheads and Fuel Tanks:

Check out Taco Marine’s Project Boat blog, Part 8: The Boat’s Fuel Tanks have Leaks – Now What?

Having fuel tanks that leak fuel is wasteful and dangerous. To test for leaks the TNT Custom Boatworks staff pressurized the Taco Marine Project Boat’s fuel tanks with 3 lbs. of air pressure and then went around the seams and weld joints with a soapy paint brush. Watch the result of the test and see what happened next at the Taco Marine Project Boat blog, click below and check it out …
Taco Marine Project Boat part 8

Taco Marine Project Boat part 7 Updated – Transom Replacement Video

Replacing a boat transomCheck out the informational video just posted on the Taco Marine Project Boat Blog: Replacing the Transom, Part 7. The video shows what you need to do if the inside of your transom has rotted and no longer provides sturdy support. We demonstrate how to cut out the old transom and Boat Outfitters cuts out for us a transom that is stronger and lighter than plywood, composed of Coosa Composite material.

2016 Innovation Award for Taco Marine’s Carbon Fiber Outrigger Poles

The National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) and Boating Writers International (BWI) announced the winner of the 2016 Miami International Boat Show Innovation Award for Fishing Equipment, Gear & Tackle: Taco Marine’s Carbon Fiber Outrigger Poles.

The awards recognize exceptionally innovative new consumer marine products, and this year’s judges evaluated 77 products and selected 17 winners in 16 categories.

Tele-Outrigger poleTaco Marine’s new innovative design for carbon fiber outrigger poles is much stronger and lighter than any  aluminum pole on the market today. These outrigger poles can pull dredges of ballyhoo, mullet or squids through the water at high speeds – difficult to do with aluminum poles. The innovative swivel roller design mechanism pulls the bait into a more natural swimming action. What’s more, it’s easy to rig, telescopes to less than 8 feet and includes a nylon mesh carry bag to protect the poles. For more information about these award-winning poles click Carbon Fiber Poles.


The Innovation Awards judging committee is composed of BWI members who do product testing throughout the year and have specific expertise in marine products and equipment. The committee is co-chaired by Zuzana Prochazka and Alan Wendt.  Prochazka is a boating and travel journalist and photographer who has been in the marine industry for two decades. She regularly writes for a dozen magazines including SEA, SAIL, Bluewater Sailing and Southern Boating. Wendt is president of Boating Writers International and has served as a judge for more than 15 years. The other esteemed Innovation Award judges are:

  • Frank Lanier: An author and award-winning journalist, his articles on seamanship, marine equipment reviews and vessel maintenance appear regularly in numerous marine publications worldwide.
  • Marilyn Mower: Past editor of ShowBoats International, Southern Boating and the Marine Business Journal magazines and currents Books Editor for Boat International Media producing annual editions ofThe Superyachts, Megayachts: Concept, Design, Construction and Refit.
  • Lenny Rudow: Senior Editor for Dominion Marine Media and Electronics Editor for BoatUS Magazine, and Boating Editor for Texas Fish & Game.
  • Lawrence Husick: Patent attorney, entrepreneur, freelance writer for several boating publications, and life-long cruising sailor. He has worked with innovators in the marine industry as both counsel and consultant, and frequently speaks to audiences about new technologies afloat.
  • Nigel Calder: Well-known industry author and Technical Editor or an Associate Editor of PassageMaker, Professional Boatbuilder, Sail, Ocean Navigator and Yachting Monthly magazines and a freelance consultant on marine energy issues.
  • Gary Reich: Editor at large for Chesapeake Bay Magazine and regularly published in periodicals such asSoundings, PassageMaker, Chesapeake Bay, and Lakeland Boating magazines, and online at and

Coming Soon, a New Episode of the Taco Marine Project Boat

Designing the fuel tank
Discussing the fuel tank design for proper function of filling and venting the fuel.

Because of the harsh marine environment, fuel tanks may corrode and cause tiny pin holes that create fuel leak problems –  problems that you may never see, but ones you’re able to smell. To help prevent that corrosion, the Taco Marine Project Boat’s fuel tanks were also upgraded with a powder coated exterior surface. Watch how a high-end boat fuel tank is made by TNT Custom Boatworks, one of our industry partners.

Stay tuned for the next episode of the Taco Marine Project Boat; Fuel Tanks.

The Secret to Finding Fish in Cold Windy Weather

If you live in one of the Southern and warmer states, it’s still cold and windy as Jonas plows its way through the upper East Coast. cold weather fishing in the SouthThat said, if you still need to catch your fishing itch, check out the calmer and warmer shelters of residential canals. Depending on where you live, some of you may find a very pleasant surprise. The residential canals offer protection from the cold north winds, and the dock structures create a great place for game fish to hide and ambush prey. Look for canals with a firm sandy or dark mud bottom – they can produce the best place for fish to hang out, especially if the tide is moving.  The offshore bites should pick up again as the winds die down and the surface air warms. Adjustable Poly Filet table is rugged and tilts at any angleIf you plan to save your catch for a few nice meals – we suggest having a Taco Marine adjustable filet table. The table fits into any rod holder and the mount locks at any angle. This FDA approved table conveniently folds flat for storage. Stay warm and catch lots of fish!


Winter ice and snow storm Jonas causing many issues for boaters!

Screen Shot 2016-01-23 at 11.29.42 AM

Screen Shot 2016-01-23 at 11.28.23 AM

Winter Storm Jonas: Snowfall rates of 1 to 3 inches per hour in Washington, D.C. and New York City areas. The combination of winter storm strong winds and heavy snow will continue to create life-threatening whiteout conditions for anyone attempting to travel this weekend, as well as wide-spread record coastal flooding.

Winter storm Jonas and your boatCheck your boat after it’s safe to travel again. You might inspect your boat for these three potential issues: 1. Possible 50 to 70mph winds could blow off or whip snow up under a boat’s protective coverings, 2. Accumulation of ice and snow creates weight issues for boat wraps and coverings, 3. Coastal flooding from storm surges combined with a full moon this weekend will make tides higher than usual.Jonas Storm snow and ice on a boat Snow-Boat


Reel in the New Year with Taco Marine!

The New Year marks a time for reflection on the past year, and contemplating what we learned from the past 365 days to make the coming yeRing in the new year with Taco even better. Yes, it’s a time to celebrate past success, but also a time for bold moves with new outrigger poles; a time to dream of the comfort of shock-absorbing seats, and rub rail both old and new. It’s an opportune time to raise a toast to those who share your passion for boating and those impressed with your choice of Taco Marine products and hopes for more in the future.

The year 2016 marks a new beginning. New people to meet, new boating adventures to enjoy and new memories to create. Here’s wishing you the gift of peace and good fishing throughout 2016, and wishing you the happiest New Year’s ever!

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