Come See Us at the ICAST Show!

From July 11 through 13, we’ll be exhibiting at the American Sportfishing Association ICAST show in Orlando, Florida in booth 3706.

We’ll be debuting our brand new Deluxe Hybrid Aluminum Tele-Outrigger Poles and the NEW Transom Cross Tie Cleat XL – two of our latest fishing and boating products in a line of new releases slated for 2019.

Designed for offshore trolling in search of bigger fish, these poles have a thicker wall for enhanced durability and feature patent-pending 360-degree swivel rollers for better natural bait presentation and reduced halyard friction.
At 40-inches long, the Transom Cross Tie Cleat XL is designed specifically for lower docks – making dock lines easier to access while helping them clear your motor cowlings.
The Transom Cross Tie Cleat XL has a brushed aluminum finish and fits into standard rod holders. The loop hole design allows for multiple applications, including hanging fenders and chum bags while fishing.

Attendees can also check out some of our most popular fishing and boating products, including our Trident Rod Holder with a Tool Caddy, rigging kits, marine-grade LED lights, our line of Grand Slam Outrigger Mounts and Tele-Outrigger Carbon Fiber and Aluminum Poles.

Captain Mark Henderson from the Liquid Fire Fishing Team, and our Strategic Product Category Manager, will be on site in our booth for product demos and questions all three days of the show.

Learn more about our Trident Rod Holders with a Tool Caddy in the FISH TACO TV video below.

You can also find step-by-step instructions for outrigger rigging in the FISH TACO TV video below.

As a leader in the marine industry for nearly 60 years, we take great pride in manufacturing the highest-quality products for boating and fishing enthusiasts around the world. Our products are backed by industry-leading warranties for years of trouble-free use. Discover more about us at

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Cancer-Surviving Sailor to Embark on $1 Million Circumnavigation for Charity

Cancer survivor, sailor and second-generation boat builder Johannes “Jopie” Helsen plans to embark on a $1 million around-the-world fundraiser for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

Heidi Trilsch and Jopie Helsen are set to sail around the world to fundraise $1 million for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

Born in Holland and now living in St. Petersburg, Fla., Helsen, the owner of Sailor’s Wharf Yacht Yard, was diagnosed with throat cancer five years ago after experiencing pain and soreness during a sailing trip in the Mediterranean.

“I found myself rubbing my neck and I figured, with my luck, I better go see a doctor,” said Helsen, who was treated at the H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center & Research Institute in Tampa, Fla.

Inspired by the many patients and survivors he met during treatment, Helsen knew he wanted to do something to help the fight against cancer.

During the United States Sailboat Show in Annapolis, Md., he met Marty Siederer of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society [LLS] and Product Lead for the Leukemia Cup Regatta. Helsen discussed with Siederer his idea – to raise $1 million during a round-the-world sailing fundraiser for the charity.

“We’re so grateful for what he’s done to support and increase awareness of our organization,” said Siederer, who’s been with the LLS for nearly 40 years. “People like Jopie are just incredible ambassadors, whether you’re into the sailing community or not, to help cure cancer. That’s a very high quality and we’re so grateful for his help.”

With Siederer’s support, the first step toward such an adventure meant that Helsen, alongside his girlfriend Heidi Trilsch, needed a boat – a hearty, seaworthy vessel built to withstand the 15-month voyage known as the World Arc.

Hosted by the World Cruising Club, World Arc is a 26,000 nautical-mile trade wind circumnavigation that departs Jan. 12, 2019 from Saint Lucia island in the Caribbean to sail around the globe – most of which in the southern hemisphere.

While Helsen and Trilsch, whose stepmother is a Lymphoma survivor, will have long stretches at sea (the longest leg is 2,980 miles across the Pacific), World Arc includes opportunities for on-shore exploration – with close to 30 stops around the world at destinations like the Galapagos Islands, Bora Bora and Cape Town, South Africa.

Illustration courtesy of the World Cruising Club.

Finding the right boat for such a venture was no easy task. For Helsen, it not only had to be strong and capable for the harsh conditions at sea, but also comfortable and spacious enough for he and Trilsch, a videographer and an occasional crew member.

“We actually made an offer on two different boats that we did not get,” said Helsen, aged 71. “And now, looking back on it, we realize how impressive this boat is.”

With its sky-blue hull and matching spinnaker, Helsen purchased the aptly named and visually stunning SKY – a 57-foot dual-helm Vaudrey Miller monohull built in New Zealand and designed by Simonis Voogd in 2004.

SKY – the 57-foot monohull Helsen and Trilsch will sail around the world.

While originally built for the extremes of circumnavigation, Helsen said SKY had taken a beating over the years and needed some remodeling and upgrades ahead of the 2019 voyage.

Over the course of nearly one year, Helsen and his 13-person crew at his yacht yard worked on renovating SKY– outfitting the boat with a self-furling boom, enlarging the cockpit and making it possible for Helsen to sail single-handedly, should the need arise.

Because 100 percent of donations go to the LLS, Helsen said he needs sponsors to help offset the costs and supply parts and equipment.

When TACO Marine VP Mike Kushner got wind of Helsen’s fundraiser and SKY renovations, he arranged for the company to donate brand new Rigid Vinyl Rub Rail with a stainless-steel insert, LED lights, a custom-made helm chair and a pedestal for the boat.

TACO donated new LED Lights, which help illuminate SKY’s cockpit for enhanced safety at night.

“He’s one of these guys who’s very passionate and very active in the boating industry,” said Kushner, who first met Helsen more than 30 years ago. “Having done the TACO Marine Project Boat fundraiser myself, I have a better sense of appreciation for what he’s trying to do. It’s a really cool project.”

Another fan of Helsen’s fundraiser and someone with many friends and relatives diagnosed with Lymphoma is National Marine Manufacturers Association President Thom Dammrich, who’s known the sailor for several years because of his participation in the marine industry.

“I admire his adventurous spirit,” said Dammrich, who also has an endorsement published on Helsen’s website. “This is a life adventure and for a great cause. I wish them a safe voyage and return.”

With six months to go before he sets sail, Helsen said there’s still plenty to do on SKY to prep for departure, including installing new satellite equipment, rigging new electronics and conducting sea trials. He also hopes to recruit a few more sponsors to help fund the expenses while also raising awareness for the cause.

To donate to Helsen’s SV SKY 57 fundraiser for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, visit and its donation page.

One hundred percent of every donation toward Helsen’s round-the-world fundraiser goes to the LLS, which is the largest nonprofit dedicated to curing blood cancers. Since 1949, LLS has donated more than $1.2 billion toward cancer research. The charity also provides patient support and has a grassroots network of more than 100,000 volunteers advocating at state and local levels for policy change and program funding.

In the coming months, we’ll be writing more about Helsen and following his journey around the globe. For more updates, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

We’re Back with Episode 9 of Florida Sportsman Project Dreamboat

The crew at Marine Customs Unlimited has been busy!

In episode 9 of Florida Sportsman Project Dreamboat, the MCU team installs a custom bow pulpit and windlass on a 25-foot Sea Cat, while continuing renovations on the 19-foot Cuda Craft and 31-foot Contender.


The MCU team asked the professionals at TNT Customs Boat Works to make a custom pulpit for a windlass, which was installed on the bow of the Sea Cat by climbing inside to secure the pulpit in place. Once secured, the team then mounted an electronic drum-style retrieval system to help stop the line from tangling. After the work was complete, Brian water tested the new windlass.

The crew at TNT Custom Boat Works making the custom bow pulpit.
Austin from MCU was the only person able to fit in the bow of the Sea Cat to secure the pulpit.
Steve mounting a drum-style electronic retrieval system that helps eliminate any line from tangling.
Brian from MCU water testing the new windlass.
The end result of the new windlass.

Here’s an exclusive clip.


One of the first things the owner of the Cuda Craft did was remove the T-top. As a professional fishing guide in the Florida Keys, the owner wanted no obstructions, but rather a simple, clean boat.

Before the team could reattach the console, they had to fill most of those holes.

After all the work to the deck and hull in episode 8, the crew needed to get back to the original task, which was renovating the center console.

The center console had a lot of holes and unnecessary areas for electronics the owner did not want. The team at MCU sanded downed the edges before patching the center console with fiberglass and resin.

Sanding down the edges to prep for new fiberglass.
New fiberglass was sealed in place with resin.

After the center console was patched up, it was painted and reinstalled on the Cuda Craft.

The console was then painted and glass-secured to the Cuda Craft deck.

Instead of drilling the center console back into the deck, the crew at MCU cut off the flange where it was previously screwed down and choose to glass the console to the deck – enhancing the boat’s performance and appearance.


The next step in the Contender remodeling project was rigging the engines. The prior rigging had a lot of spliced areas, with which the team at MCU did away.

Steve had his rigging work cut out for him.

Instead, they installed new 2-gauge wire from Pacer Group with no splices, after which they crimped on new battery cable ends that were secured with a heat gun. The new wiring will ensure a good power supply directly to the engines.

New 2-gauge wire was attached to the engines from the console.
Steve crimped new battery cable ends to the wire, which was sealed in place with a heat gun.

Steve then updated the electronics for the trim tabs. Previously, the old trim tab electronics were not auto contracting. To resolve this issue, they installed a new system by Bennett Electric.

The trim tab brain by Bennett Electric.
A simple, clean system for moving the trim tabs.

The final step in this episode for the Contender was incorporating new upholstery. They chose a carbon fiber-finished material that matched the hull and center console – streamlining the boat’s appearance.

New gray and black upholstery being made for the Contender, which matches the hull and center console.

Here’s an exclusive clip.

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Watch the full episode below.

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Florida Sportsman Project Dreamboat Episode 8 Shows Major Repairs to 19-foot Cuda Craft

In episode 8 of Florida Sportsman Project Dreamboat, the crew at Marine Customs Unlimited do some major deck repairs to a 2006 19-foot Cuda Craft.

To solve the leaking fuel tank issues, the team had to inspect the deck of the 19-foot Cuda Craft.

Originally, the Cuda Craft was brought to MCU because the fuel tank was leaking. But as the team inspected the deck, some major problems began to surface.

The team at MCU discovered a deck full of poured foam that wasn’t attached or evenly filled. The foam not only added float to the Cuda Craft, but also caused the boat to become saturated with water.

They found the deck to be filled with poured foam, which was uneven and full of pockets filled with water.
Because the foam was unevenly poured, water got trapped inside the hull with no way of draining.

The team carefully chipped and scraped away the foam all the way down to the stringers. Once finished removing the foam, they discovered the stringers weren’t properly bonded to the boat, which presented even more trouble for the 12-year-old Cuda Craft.

The team removed the foam all the way down to the stringers.
They also discovered the stringers weren’t bonded to the boat.

Before bonding the stringers, the crew sanded all around the boat and then applied new FGCI fiberglass and resin to properly bond the stringers. Once complete, the Cuda Craft was ready for new bilges, limber holes and a new deck.

They sanded the surface in preparation of bonding the stringers.
They used strips of fiberglass and resin to bond the stringers.
The finished product of the stringers now bonded to the boat.

Watch the exclusive clip of the boat deck removal below.

The team at MCU is now ready to install a new deck on the 19-foot Cuda Craft.

To make a new deck for the boat, the team chose to use a kiln-dried laminate for marine plywood, which is not only strong but will add an appropriate amount of weight to the boat to even out the ride and improve the boat’s overall performance on the water.

The first step to building the new deck was to create a frame – a template of the deck. After matching the laminate gelcoat to the boat’s interior, the team then began the careful process of layering the deck with fiberglass.

Up next was creating a new deck for the 19-foot Cuda Craft. First, a frame was made.
Then fiberglass material and resin was applied to the frame as the first layer.

After covering the fiberglass material with resin and dried, a bonding agent is evenly spread to create a watertight seal. Then the core material – in this case it’s perforated marine plywood – is laid in place and then covered with an airtight layer of plastic.

Using a suction hose, the air is removed to create a vacuum-sealed hold between the plywood and bonding agent.

A thick bonding agent was then evenly spread across the dried fiberglass.
Perforated marine plywood was laid over the bonding agent.
Using plastic and a suction hose, the team vacuumed sealed the plywood to the bonding agent.

After removing the plastic, the plywood is then sanded down to create a smooth, even surface. After which, another layer of fiberglass material and resin is applied to the deck.

The wood was then sanded down and prepped for another layer of fiberglass and resin.
An MCU team member pours resin onto the marine plywood ahead of laying more fiberglass material.

The boat is now ready for its new tank – a powder-coated fuel tank from TNT Custom Boat Works. To secure the tank into the boat, a small amount of foam is poured around the edges of the tank, which is then sanded down and prepped for a fiberglass sealant.

A new powder-coated fuel tank by TNT Custom Boat Works is installed on the 19-foot Cuda Craft.
The tank is then sealed into the boat using a small amount of foam, fiberglass and resin.

When the tank installation is finished, the new custom deck is installed and secured in place.

The new deck is installed and the boat is ready for the next phase of renovations.

Watch the exclusive clip of the new deck being made below.

And watch the entire Florida Sportsman Project Dreamboat episode 8 below for more exciting boat renovations.

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Stay tuned for episode 9!

TACO Debuting NEW Deluxe Hybrid Aluminum Tele-Outrigger Poles at ICAST

TACO fans, we have some exciting news! We’re debuting our new sport fishing Deluxe Hybrid Aluminum Tele-Outrigger Poles at the ICAST show New Product Showcase July 11 – 13 in Orlando, FL!

Designed for offshore trolling in search of bigger fish, these poles have a thicker wall for enhanced durability and feature patent-pending 360-degree swivel rollers for better natural bait presentation and reduced halyard friction.

The Hybrid Poles telescope below eight feet for trailering, storage and bridge clearance and extend to 18 feet – increasing the strike zone when fishing. They pair with TACO Grand Slam 280, 380 and 400 mounts and will be available in silver/silver and black/silver.


  • 3-piece telescopic pole
  • Easily collapsed and stowed
  • Patent-pending 360-degree swivel collars
  • Roller bearing halyard pulleys
  • Increased aluminum wall thickness for durability
  • Additional swivel collar to separate halyard lines
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Fits all GS-280, GS-380 and GS-400 outrigger bases

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Cruise Into Summer with a New TACO Leaning Post!

Get $100 back this month only!

Time is running out! During the month of June, receive $100 back with the purchase either a Neptune Premium Leaning Post and Universal Backrest, a Neptune II Leaning Post and Universal Backrest or a Neptune III Leaning Post with a Backrest, Grab Rail and Aluminum Rod Holders.



Ideal for boats up to 30-feet long, the Neptune Premium Leaning Postmaximizes space and storage. Easily store and transport fishing supplies using the removable fiberglass storage tray. Made from only the finest materials, including mildew-, fungus- and UV-resistant vinyl fabric.

Upgrade your Neptune Premium Leaning Post with our Universal Leaning Post Backrest. While this unit is designed to fit our Neptune Premium and Neptune II Leaning Posts, the adjustable arms make the unit adaptable to most standard leaning posts on the market.


Perfect for smaller center console boats where space is at a premium, the Neptune II Leaning Post is ideal because of its storage features. In addition to offering enough under-seat storage for a 72-quart cooler, it includes a Tackle Storage Bag, which is a removable accessory to be used for island hopping or long excursions on the water.

Upgrade your Neptune II Leaning Post with our Universal Leaning Post Backrest. While this unit is designed to fit our Neptune Premium and Neptune II Leaning Posts, the adjustable arms make the unit adaptable to most standard leaning posts on the market.


Our Neptune III Leaning Post is designed for hard-core fishing enthusiasts needing additional features, such as the full backrest and rear-facing grab rail. The four rod holders are the perfect helm support for carrying multiple rods in center console boats under 25-feet long. It’s practical smooth upholstery design features an anodized aluminum frame, a folding footrest and a large under-seat storage space for coolers or tackle boxes.

View the complete TACO Marine catalog for FREE here.

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We’re Back with Florida Sportsman Project Dreamboat Episode 7

The pros at Marine Customs Unlimited are back in episode 7 of Florida Sportsman Project Dreamboat.

In this episode, we follow up with the 21-foot Paramount, which is being rigged with dual 10-foot Power-Poles on the transom.

Altenhoff mounts dual 10-foot Power-Poles to the 21-foot Paramount transom via a Jack Plate.

MCU Master Rigger Steve Altenhoff is tasked with mounting the dual Power-Poles, which come with two brackets designated for port and starboard on a Jack Plate.

Altenhoff must determine the correct Power-Pole bracket for the port and starboard of the Jack Plate.
Altenhoff attaches the brackets to the Jack Plate.

Altenhoff said having dual Power-Poles will help equalize the boat, whereas a single Power-Pole could cause the boat to be off balanced.

Watch the exclusive clip below.

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2 Great Gift Ideas for Dad!

This Father’s Day, surprise dad with a TACO Tumbler Poly Holder – perfect for boating and fishing enthusiasts who spend time on the water and need a secure drink holder. Find these at your favorite marine retailer today!

Our 2-Tumbler Poly Holders secure beverages in place so dad can spend more time cruising and having fun. Our Tumbler Poly Holders are made of UV-stabilized, high-density black or white polymer that is built to last in the harsh marine environment.

Available in black or white, the tumbler holders also have a slot for a cell phone – complete with a charging port hole. Each holder is equipped with suction cups for easy and secure installation to various boat surfaces, including hatches, tabletops and fiberglass.

Our 1-Tumbler Poly Holder is a great addition to small spaces on the boat – providing more storage options for dad. The strong suction cup mounts ensure the Tumbler Poly Holder won’t slip, even when a hatch is opened or while the boat is traveling at a high rate of speed.

The 1-Tumbler Poly Holder is available in both white and black to match boat decks, helms and other recreational sporting vehicles. Both the single and double Tumbler Poly Holders come equipped to hold large beverages up to 30 ounces and a cell phone.

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Learn to Kite Fish Like a Pro!

We’ve got a new FISH TACO TV video about kite fishing!

Off the coast of Morehead City, N.C., Captain Mark Henderson from the Liquid Fire Fishing Team demonstrates some important tips for kite fishing.

Captain Mark Henderson from the Liquid Fire Fishing Team demonstrates some great tips for how to kite fish using our TACO Marine Trident Rod Holder.

Featuring our Straight and Offset Trident Rod Holders with a Tool Caddy, Henderson discusses techniques for deploying a kite, what types of rods and reels to use, how to prepare a basic rigging kit, the benefits of kite fishing and how to effectively use our Trident Rod Holders with a Tool Caddy.

Henderson uses our TACO Marine Deluxe Trident Rod Holder Offset with Tool Caddy for kite fishing.
Our Trident Rod Holder has a removable Tool Caddy, which is great for storing lures, pliers, knives, scissors and other essential equipment for kite fishing.

Our high-polished aluminum Trident Rod Holders have a detachable tackle tray Tool Caddy designed to conveniently and safely hold fishing gear, including hooks, pliers, knives, rigs, lures, spoons and a beverage.

Henderson uses a large, orange cork when kite fishing because it’s easy to see when adjusting lines.
Using live bait, Henderson attaches the kite line through the bait’s dorsal fin – ensuring it stays in place while also being able to swim naturally in the water.
Henderson recommends using a short electric reel when kite fishing.
One of the many fish caught while kite fishing was a King Mackerel by Henderson’s son Joshua.

Find the full kite fishing video below.

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