Sport Fishing

Help your sport fishing success with Taco Marine outriggers.


Outriggers, mounts, rod holders, accessories, and storage. 

Sport fishing tournaments around the world have one common theme: the winning anglers boast about natural talents and their high-performing TACO Marine sport fishing products.

Our line of sport fishing products are known for durability, efficiency, and their angler-friendly features. TACO Marine’s innovative sport fishing products are made for the long haul. How can we do that? We listen to fishing pros and boat builders, then we carefully engineer, design, and manufacture our products – and finish the process off with extensive testing. The result? For more than 50 years, we have been making quality marine products – and our passion for the marine business is built into every product we make.

Here’s a short, but very informative video that will show you how to install, from start to finish, a TACO Marine outrigger:

How to rig outriggers using TACO Marine’s Premium Rigging Kit:

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