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How to Best Winterize Your Boat.

Boats being stored for the winter

As the colder weather begins to settle into the Northern states, it’s time to think about preparing your boat for the freezing temperatures just around the corner. If your boat is not properly prepared for the winter, it could be facing damages caused by the cold costing hundreds or even thousands of dollars. The biggest culprit is water. Fresh water dramatically expands by volume when frozen and can crack an engine block, split hoses, damage fiberglass and cooling systems.

BoatUS logoTo protect your boat during the winter, BoatUS does a nice job of covering the details of how to protect hulls, tops, exhaust ports, bilge pumps, drain plugs, dock lines, batteries, lifts and provides many other boat winterizing tips.

BoatUS created a PDF guide of very helpful information, and we at Taco Marine thought it was important to pass along to you. Click here to view and print the Seaworthy “Boaters Guide to Winterizing,” where you will find expert tips on how to store your boat this winter plus a Winterizing Worksheet.

New Taco Marine Products being shown at the IBEX Marine Technology Showcase in Tampa

New Taco Marine products at the Marine Technology Showcase in TampaCome see us at the IBEX Marine Technology Showcase on September 30th through October 2nd, at the Tampa Convention Center.

Taco Marine has a 20×20 display space at the IBEX show, on the center aisle; booth number 1433.

New Taco Marine products on display for the 2015 model year include: Premium helm chairs, aluminum leaning posts, shock-absorbing pedestals, clever ratcheting hinges for a variety of uses, LED low profile lights for mounting to T-tops and pipe, LED rub rail navigation lights, Flex-core rub rail, and a Flex-chrome rub rail inserts.

What Makes Taco Marine Outriggers the Best?

Help your sport fishing success with Taco Marine outriggers.

Just ask the pros. Winning anglers boast about their natural talents and their high-performing Taco Marine sport fishing products.  Taco Marine’s innovative outrigger products helps all kinds of fishermen catch the big ones. Each year Taco Marine leads the industry with new sport fishing products that enhance the fishing experience of professionals and the weekend angler.

Taco Marine outriggers and outrigger kits are known for their durability, efficiency, and their angler-friendly features. Our outrigger kits provide great value along with convenience. Taco Marine’s all-you-need kits make it simple to make your boat outrigger-ready today. We have kits available for the Grand Slam 170, Grand Slam 280, Grand Slam 380 and for the center rigger. Taco Marine’s innovative outriggers are made for the long haul.

Why the best? We listen to fishing pros and boat builders, then we carefully engineer, design, and manufacture our outriggers – and finish the process off with extensive testing. For over 50 years we have been making quality outriggers and other marine products – and our passion for the marine business is built into every product we make. Click here to go to the where-to-buy outrigger page.

How is rub rail made, and Why Taco Marine rub rail for your boat?

Fascinating: Watch how Taco Marine vinyl rub rail is made.
Watch this fascinating 3 minute video on how Taco Marine vinyl rub rail is made.

Click on the above photo to watch a 3 minute video on how high quality rub rail is made – we explain why  most everyone uses Taco Marine rub rail as their first and only choice. What’s more,  because replacing and installing rub rail is labor intensive, you’re better off getting the best-value rub rail now so you don’t have to replace it again anytime soon. Click to visit us at http://tacomarine.com.

Taco Marine rub rail manufacturing

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Taco Marine Is ABA Supplier of Choice

ABA-company-logosWe are proud to renew our supplier of choice agreement with the American Boatbuilders Association (ABA) and eager to work closer with them in 2014. Listening to our customers helps us fully understand their needs so we can provide them not only the best solutions, but extraordinary service and support – from design through delivery.

You may know us for our rub rail and extrusions, but Taco Marine is an innovator and manufacturer of these products also: Tube, pipe and fittings for marine canvas and metal fabrication, as well as  rod holders/storage, sport fishing outrigger systems, helm seats, chairs, pedestals, hardware, specialty hinges and latches.  If you need custom aluminum and stainless steel hardware and fabricated parts, we have that too.

Beyond our wide range of products, what sets us apart from our competitors, is our total commitment to innovation, quality and service. We are always developing new and innovative products that give our customers a competitive edge – by enhancing their products and help to reduce their total costs. What’s more, we insist that every new Taco Marine product adheres to our highest standards of quality by undergoing proper testing, applying process improvement and utilizing best practices.

Mike Kushner, VP Sales