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Enhance Boat, Improve On-The-Water Safety with TACO LED Lights

Safety and visibility are top priorities for boaters. At TACO Marine, we’ve created a premium line of LED lights that are ignition protection certified by the United States Coast Guard, the International Organization for Standardization and SAE International.*

All of our LED Lights are impact resistant, totally-sealed waterproof and manufactured to withstand the rigors of marine and other outdoor environments. Our highly-efficient hardwired LED Lights provide 75,000 hours of operation with a low draw of less than one amp – preventing battery drain. We offer a wide variety of premium LED lights, mounts and bezel options for the perfect illumination on your boat.

Our 3- and 4-LED Light Flat Mounts are unique, low-profile multipurpose lights – ideal for hard tops, consoles, interior cabins, the underside of gunnels, engine rooms and bait wells.

The 3-LED Deck Light is available in white, black or aluminum housing and blue or red LED with a powerful 540-lumen output and a 100-degree spread beam angle. The 4-LED Deck Light is available in white, black or aluminum housing with white LED. This 4-LED option delivers an 700-lumen output with a 100-degree beam angle.

Easily secure the Flat Mount lights using a stainless-steel swivel bracket or 3M adhesive tape.

We also offer both the 3- and 4-LED Deck Lights for Pipe Mount. With the same incredible features as their Flat Mount counterparts, the Pipe Mount lights bolt directly to 1-inch schedule 40 pipe. The Pipe Mount lights are ideal for T-tops, towers, railings and poling platforms.

Both the Flat and Pipe Mount lights include a wire chafe guard for running wire through tube or pipe. These lights are all USCG, ISO and SAE certified for ignition protection* and are 8.0-watt equivalents to a 55-watt halogen flood light. The Flat and Pipe Mount lights consume minimal power, using less than 1 amp.

The Flat and Pipe Mount lights come with our TACO Marine one-year warranty guarantee.

For all these great products and more, visit tacomarine.com or fill out the contact form below.

* USCG, ISO and SAE certified for Ignition Protection. Completely sealed lights have been tested in an explosive environment and exposed to an explosive atmosphere in high temperature that includes powering on-off 50 times without igniting the atmosphere at a temperature not exceeding 200 degree C. These certificates demonstrate the ability to consistently provide product that meets statutory and regulatory requirements that assure customer satisfaction and safety. Ideal for use in engine rooms, battery compartments and anywhere fire safety is of most importance.