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We’re Back with Episode 11 of Florida Sportsman Project Dreamboat

Watch the shocking conclusion to the 31-foot Contender remodeling project in episode 11 of Florida Sportsman Project Dreamboat!

The 31-foot Contender Better Dayz before it was completely remodeled.

Originally, the Contender “Better Dayz” needed new fuel tanks, but after a hurricane damaged other areas of the boat, the crew at Marine Customs Unlimited set to work on a host of other tasks, including painting the hull, remodeling the dash and installing brand new black TACO Rub Rail with a Stainless-Steel Insert.

The 31-foot Contender after it was completely remodeled, featuring brand new black TACO Rub Rail with a Stainless-Steel Insert.

Better Dayz also had a new Armstrong Nautical Products bracket mounted on the transom, new twin Yamaha 300s mounted on the bracket, a new Armstrong ladder, a completely rebuffed deck with new nonskid, custom diamond-stitched upholstery and new Pacer Group wiring.

On the water, the 31-foot Contender was like a brand new boat, complete with TACO Grand Slam Outriggers.

Watch the exclusive clip below.

Episode 11 also takes viewers onboard a completely remodeled 28-foot classic 1969  Cary Sportsman boat.

This is what the 28-foot 1969 Cary Sportsman boat looked like before Tim McKernan began the remodeling project.

Five years ago, Miami resident Tim McKernan wanted a project boat he could remodel for some family outings and fishing excursions. What was intended as a summer-long hobby morphed into a five-year adventure that resulted in the McKernan’s having a one-of-a-kind boating and fishing  masterpiece.

One of the new features to the Cary Sportsman is the center console and T-Top, which also has TACO Grand Slam Outriggers.
The completely remodeled 28-foot 1969 Cary Sportsman is a truly unique boat.

While keeping some of the boat’s original charm, such as the cabin, McKernan completely revamped the Cary Sportsman all the way from the stringers to the new Armstrong bracket and outboard engines. He also outfitted the once-dual consoled boat with a center console and T-top, complete with TACO Grand Slam Outrigger systems.

Watch the exclusive clip below.

And check out the full episode 11 of Florida Sportsman Project Dreamboat below.

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We’re Back with Episode 9 of Florida Sportsman Project Dreamboat

The crew at Marine Customs Unlimited has been busy!

In episode 9 of Florida Sportsman Project Dreamboat, the MCU team installs a custom bow pulpit and windlass on a 25-foot Sea Cat, while continuing renovations on the 19-foot Cuda Craft and 31-foot Contender.


The MCU team asked the professionals at TNT Customs Boat Works to make a custom pulpit for a windlass, which was installed on the bow of the Sea Cat by climbing inside to secure the pulpit in place. Once secured, the team then mounted an electronic drum-style retrieval system to help stop the line from tangling. After the work was complete, Brian water tested the new windlass.

The crew at TNT Custom Boat Works making the custom bow pulpit.
Austin from MCU was the only person able to fit in the bow of the Sea Cat to secure the pulpit.
Steve mounting a drum-style electronic retrieval system that helps eliminate any line from tangling.
Brian from MCU water testing the new windlass.
The end result of the new windlass.

Here’s an exclusive clip.


One of the first things the owner of the Cuda Craft did was remove the T-top. As a professional fishing guide in the Florida Keys, the owner wanted no obstructions, but rather a simple, clean boat.

Before the team could reattach the console, they had to fill most of those holes.

After all the work to the deck and hull in episode 8, the crew needed to get back to the original task, which was renovating the center console.

The center console had a lot of holes and unnecessary areas for electronics the owner did not want. The team at MCU sanded downed the edges before patching the center console with fiberglass and resin.

Sanding down the edges to prep for new fiberglass.
New fiberglass was sealed in place with resin.

After the center console was patched up, it was painted and reinstalled on the Cuda Craft.

The console was then painted and glass-secured to the Cuda Craft deck.

Instead of drilling the center console back into the deck, the crew at MCU cut off the flange where it was previously screwed down and choose to glass the console to the deck – enhancing the boat’s performance and appearance.


The next step in the Contender remodeling project was rigging the engines. The prior rigging had a lot of spliced areas, with which the team at MCU did away.

Steve had his rigging work cut out for him.

Instead, they installed new 2-gauge wire from Pacer Group with no splices, after which they crimped on new battery cable ends that were secured with a heat gun. The new wiring will ensure a good power supply directly to the engines.

New 2-gauge wire was attached to the engines from the console.
Steve crimped new battery cable ends to the wire, which was sealed in place with a heat gun.

Steve then updated the electronics for the trim tabs. Previously, the old trim tab electronics were not auto contracting. To resolve this issue, they installed a new system by Bennett Electric.

The trim tab brain by Bennett Electric.
A simple, clean system for moving the trim tabs.

The final step in this episode for the Contender was incorporating new upholstery. They chose a carbon fiber-finished material that matched the hull and center console – streamlining the boat’s appearance.

New gray and black upholstery being made for the Contender, which matches the hull and center console.

Here’s an exclusive clip.

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Thank You for Visiting the TACO Marine Project Boat at the Tampa Boat Show

From all of us at TACO Marine, thank you for supporting the Project Boat Raffle Fundraiser during the Tampa Boat Show! Many attendees not only bought raffle tickets but got to see and explore Project Boat in-person and learn about the I’M LOGAN IT Foundation.

Captain Fear and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers cheerleaders stopped by the TACO Marine Project Boat Saturday, Oct. 14, 2017, at the Tampa Boat Show.

All of the raffle ticket proceeds are given to the I’M LOGAN IT Foundation, which provides support to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and college scholarships to deserving students.

I’M LOGAN IT was created in memory of Logan Matthew Kushner, who passed away in 2012. The Foundation aims to help young people establish healthier self-esteem through acts of kindness and mentorship – values by which Logan lived.

The TACO Marine Project Boat raffle drawing is slated for Nov. 5 at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show. You can purchase tickets online at go.rallyup.com/projectboat and in-person at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show Nov. 1-5 at booth #2000-A. We hope to see you there!

The TACO Marine Project Boat is sponsored by many marine leaders, including Yamaha Marine, SeaDek and many more!

Discover more about the TACO Marine Project Boat and the I’M LOGAN IT Foundation here.