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Florida Sportsman Project Dreamboat Recaps Season in Final Episode

We’re back with the final episode of the season for Florida Sportsman Project Dreamboat.

In episode 13, Florida Sportsman Boating Editor George LaBonte and Marine Customs Unlimited Owner Brian O’Donnell look back on their favorite project boats.

The 31-foot Contender was a fan favorite, LaBonte said, with a lot of people commenting and e-mailing about the stunning remodel.

The 31-foot Contender Better Dayz before it was remodeled by the team at MCU.

What initially began as a fuel tank replacement morphed into a complete overhaul from inside the hull to the engines, paint, deck, upholstery, dash panel and brand new TACO Rub Rail.

The 31-foot Contender was redone and looked like a totally different boat, complete with TACO Rub Rail to compliment the custom hull paint.

Another favorite was the 21-foot Paramount, which came into the MCU shop in dire need of a complete rehab.

The 21-foot Paramount was in rough shape when it got to the team at MCU.

Beginning in the stringers, the team at MCU cut the cap down, repainted the hull and installed new Power-Poles, a new stereo system and brand new TACO Rub Rail with a Stainless-Steel Insert and LED Navigation Lights.

The 21-foot Paramount looked amazing. The TACO Rub Rail with a Stainless-Steel Insert and LED Navigation Lights tied the custom hull paint and deck together.

The 19-foot Cuda Craft for Capt. Ron in the Florida Keys was also a notable project for the team at MCU.

The 19-foot Cuda Craft came to MCU because it had a rotten fuel tank.

Originally, the boat came to the shop to repair a rotten fuel tank, but further issues were discovered as the team commenced work. They also replaced the deck, remodeled the center console, installed custom live wells and refitted an Engel cooler as a seat in place of the Leaning Post.

Once finished, the Cuda Craft was almost an entirely new boat and perfect for fishing in the Florida Keys.

Watch the exclusive clip about these boats below.

Watch the full episode 13 of Florida Sportsman Project Dreamboat below.

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We’re Back with Florida Sportsman Project Dreamboat Episode 7

The pros at Marine Customs Unlimited are back in episode 7 of Florida Sportsman Project Dreamboat.

In this episode, we follow up with the 21-foot Paramount, which is being rigged with dual 10-foot Power-Poles on the transom.

Altenhoff mounts dual 10-foot Power-Poles to the 21-foot Paramount transom via a Jack Plate.

MCU Master Rigger Steve Altenhoff is tasked with mounting the dual Power-Poles, which come with two brackets designated for port and starboard on a Jack Plate.

Altenhoff must determine the correct Power-Pole bracket for the port and starboard of the Jack Plate.
Altenhoff attaches the brackets to the Jack Plate.

Altenhoff said having dual Power-Poles will help equalize the boat, whereas a single Power-Pole could cause the boat to be off balanced.

Watch the exclusive clip below.

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